May Article Theme: Whatever I Feel Like Writing About

may article theme

The May article theme for my blog is exactly what the title states: Whatever I feel like writing about.

May Article Theme: Why This?

April was a very busy month for me, as I continued to work when millions lost their jobs, and I had to work harder to meet the demands of my company’s customers. Due to this, I didn’t have much time to think about a cohesive blog post theme. So anything goes this month.

This also gives me an easier time when it comes to writing articles. It takes a considerable amount of time to develop blog post ideas, write up outline, do research, write and edit the post, and much more.

I may have to do this theme again in the future because work is ramping up at my day-job, and that takes up a good portion of my day. And sometimes I have to work overtime. While making more money is nice, the physical aspects of my job makes writing after work difficult occasionally. I don’t have enough money saved up to write full-time yet. Yet, I use this goal to help me keep working until I do.

The Topics I Will Cover

Not really sure what topics I will cover. Maybe I’ll write about being a self-published author since I haven’t covered that in great detail. Or I could discuss current topics that grab my attention. I may discuss how I’ve changed my goals for the rest of 2020. I also have a goal I’m working toward to celebrate my 40th birthday. Or maybe I’ll talk about my life after being debt-free for several month.

As you can see, you will have to return to my website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am and 3pm EST to discover my thoughts for that day. I gotta find a way to keep you all returning somehow.

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