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masks and gloves

I see more and more Americans in my area wearing masks and gloves. At first, this was very weird to see in public because you only see that in a doctor’s office or hospital. Yet, as I saw more and more people don them at the grocery store or Wal-Mart, I realized most use them wrong. Thus, the protection these individuals think they’re getting is practically none.

Do We, The Public, Really Need To Wear Masks And Gloves?

Before the Coronavirus took hold in America, many people rushed out to buy masks and gloves from any and all stores. Then the CDC announced that Americans shouldn’t buy masks. Then they reversed their decision, confusing everyone

Some believed the reason we weren’t told to buy masks so those items could be diverted to hospitals. That is a possibility since many hospitals were low on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Others thought the CDC wasn’t sure about the transmission of the Coronavirus. Granted, that is correct since this version of the disease is new. That’s why they told the public to wear a cloth face mask because one can have the virus and so no symptoms.

As for me, I do not and did not wear a mask or gloves. Since I’m an essential worker, I do have access to them at work, but I don’t wear them there either. Why?

  • I don’t want to
  • I don’t see the need to

My Refusal To Wear Masks And Gloves

I’m not trying to be a rebel when I opt out of wearing these items as that’s not my intention. My refusal is based around fear: I don’t fear this disease. I believe I have already been exposed to it. When flu season rolls around, I don’t wear masks and gloves then. And the flu killed between 24,000 to 62,000 Americans since October 2019!

I’m protecting myself from the Coronavirus as I protect myself during the cold and flu season:

  • Eat meat, seafood, nuts and berries primarily.
  • Keep my sugar intake as low as possible.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • Exercise
  • Get ample sunlight

Many Americans Use Masks and Gloves Improperly

As I said in the opening paragraph, when I’m out and about, I see many people using their masks and gloves incorrectly. Which leads me to believe these individuals wear these items as a security blanket.

Regarding Gloves

I can’t tell you how many times I see people wear gloves, only to touch multiple items, and then touch their body and/or face.

Not only that, but the glove-wearers go about touching various items in the store, sometimes several times. Finally, some of them go about grabbing things, looking them over, and then place the items back onto the shelf.

Lastly, Americans aren’t removing disposable gloves properly. Once you’re done shopping and exit the store, remove your gloves then. Don’t take the “germs” the gloves have into your car. Also, here’s the proper way to remove gloves.

Regarding Masks

When it comes to masks, the Americans I see wearing them do so incorrectly too.

First off, people are still buying healthcare masks, which is so bad because doctors and nurses need them.

Second, people are wearing cloths masks, yet they aren’t following the CDC rules.

Finally, people must wear the mask the entire time they are out in public. I was at the laundromat this past Saturday and many of the patrons moved their masks on and off their face. The more they touched it, the higher the likelihood they’ll touch other parts of their face. Lastly, the mask must stay on the entire time.


Masks and gloves do not offer total protection from the virus, nor do they give people the green light to hang around each other in close quarters. If people are so concerned about the disease, then social distancing is the best option.

At least the mask craze prompts some people to become entrepreneurs and create a business making cloth masks in different colors, styles, and designs.

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