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Make Your Own Bread To Save More “Bread”

make your own bread

As food prices continue to rise across America many are looking for ways to not spend as much on their groceries. There is one staple you can make easily at home: Bread. Not only is making your own bread pretty simple but the initial investment to get started is quite inexpensive. Still not sold? Here’s why you should make your own bread.

Reason #1 Of Why You Should Make Your Own Bread: It’s Cheaper Than Buying Store-Bought

Although you must make investments in the preparation of making bread, like buying flour, yeast, and a loaf pan to name a few, the amount of bread you will produce makes it cheaper than store-bought bread.

The easiest and cheapest dough you can make it a white bread. This is the type I started with when I learned how to make it. Also, white bread is versatile: You can use it to make sandwiches, breadcrumbs, toast, or as a crust in other recipes. After you get comfortable making this type you can move to others.

For me I learned how to make brioche bread since it’s one of my favorite. A good quality loaf is quite expensive in the store. This is why I make my own. Now with this type and others, kneading by hand is quite tiresome so consider investing in a stand mixer. While many people swear by KitchenAid I wasn’t ready to drop that much money on that mixer. Instead I bought this mixer by Delish. It saves not only time but my muscles since I don’t have to knead the dough.

Reason #2 Of Why You Should Make Your Own Bread: You Control The Ingredients

I don’t like some of ingredients used in many mass-produced breads today. Many bakeries use preservatives to keep it fresh. Others use too much sugar in their dough. So when you make your own you get to control what you do and don’t include in your dough.

First, you can choose the type of flour you want to use. This is great for those with a gluten intolerance or those following the Paleo or Keto lifestyle.

Second, you can monitor the amount of sugar you add. Although a recipe may call for a certain amount you don’t have to add all of it. The yeast only needs a couple of tablespoons of sugar to activate.

Finally, you get to experiment with different flavors that you probably can’t find in the store. I made buttermilk yeast rolls and cinnamon flour tortillas on a whim.

Reason #3 Of Why You Should Make Your Own Bread: It’s Fun

OK, this reason won’t save you any additional money from your grocery budget but I included it because cooking and baking is fun!

There’s nothing like watching the dough rise and then punching it down. Or how large the dough grows while proofing. And the smell of baking bread is like no other.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

I recently got a bread making kit as a gift and made my first loaf ever! It was fun and the smell in the house was amazing. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment. Great idea to save money too.