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Living Lean: My Lifestyle For Now On

living lean

Living lean has been my motto for the past three to four years at least. I wanted to get out of debt, and the best way to do so was to work more and devote that extra money to my creditors. In July 2019 I achieved my goal and I’ve been debt-free ever since. Yet, I continue living lean because I like this lifestyle. Today I discuss the benefits of it, which I hope makes you should consider living this way.

Living Lean: The Comfort Of Frugality

I wrote on my blog before about becoming comfortable with frugality. Actually, going through my posts, I’ve written about being frugal a few others times. Seems I really like it.

Probably the biggest reason I enjoy and preach about frugality because of the comfort it brings. Yes, learning this way of life does take time because you will make mistakes. Over time, however, this lifestyle becomes easy to implement. When I go into a store or shop online, I know how to find a great deal or not overspend.

Finally, frugality takes away the stress of shopping. We are bombarded with advertisements and marketing to buy this or that. However, when I became more prudent with my spending, ads no longer have any power over me. I can browse on Amazon and not buy a thing. An item make catch my eye in the store but I don’t purchase it. I have control over my money and spending habits.

Living Lean: Brings About A Simpler Life

Life is already difficult, yet we make it more difficult at times through the decisions we make. And it seems to be sometimes we don’t think our actions through before enacting on them. I know I’ve done that several times throughout my life.

As a result of those bad choices, I had to work harder and longer just to make ends meet. That wore me down. All I could think about during those times was living a simpler life. I cared not for a new car or high-end electronics or other stuff. I longed to work my own hours on projects I wanted to. Or to spend a few hours in the day doing nothing and relaxing on my couch. Finally, I wanted to live in a house I could afford to pay in cash so I didn’t have to worry about a mortgage.

How does living lean factor into my dreams? I live on way less money than I make. In turn, I can save and invest that money so one day I can quit my day-job and start my own business. While many people would dislike to live this way, I quite enjoy it because I’m almost to my goal.

Living Lean: I Don’t Need “Stuff”

With all these years of living lean under my belt, I realized long ago I didn’t need “stuff.” I don’t need the new video game. New cars, while eye-turning, don’t impress me. And I loathe the malls.

This is the part of my journey where I saw how much consumerism and materialism is integrated into society. It disappointed and shocked me. The amount of people I know who can’t go one day without buying something is quite high. I feel disconnected from them. From many people, actually.

My car is transportation, not a status symbol. Clothing is to protect me from the elements, not advertise brands. Housing is where I live, not a statement to my neighbors. Because of this change in my mindset, I happy living below “normal” because normal today is abnormal. It’s all about living on credit and working away your life to afford it all. That’s not the life for me.

Life for me now is creating something, be it physically with my hands or mentally with my mind. It’s about helping others with their problems so they can improve their lives and business. Finally, it’s about becoming present in time. Not looking forward to a payday or the weekend or any of that. That’s not living at all.

This Life Requires A Change In Mindset

Living lean requires a change in your mindset. It requires you take control over your life and your decisions. Many people I found fear making the wrong decision. Because of that, they don’t take control over their lives and allow someone else to do so. That could be society or the government or even a spouse. As a result of this, those people eventually become unhappy because they must do what someone else tells them to do. Yet, they are still too afraid to take control over their lives.

For me, I knew taking the power back over my life required me to take risks. And those risks could lead me to make mistakes. And I did. I lost money, made some people mad, and had to start over. However, I learned so much about myself from those mistakes. Looking back, I pushed through those hard times and became the person I am now: An improved and wiser Brittany.

Now I know what I’m passionate about and the path I want to carve out for myself. As much as this excites me, it’s time to execute some patience. I do love to rush into plans, especially good ones, and maybe you do too. Despite that feeling, I must wait. All good things comes to those who wait.

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