Living In The City: Not A Choice Anymore

living in the city

If you don’t know I live in the Atlanta, GA suburbs. I, along with many other suburbanites, commute to the City of Atlanta for my job. I could move closer but with all the changes coming in America, living in the city is not a choice for me anymore. It probably won’t be a choice for you either. Let’s see why.

Constant Protesting Makes Living In The City Unbearable

I’m not saying people shouldn’t have the right to protest, but hearing constant protesting makes life unbearable living in the city.

There’s been daily protests in Atlanta for nearly 4 weeks now I believe. Although the rioting has stopped for the most part. Yes, there have been some protests in the suburbs, but not as many as in the City of Atlanta.

What’s worse is if I were to live in the city, I couldn’t rest. The protests start around mid-morning and go until the evening. Even though the city doesn’t have a curfew anymore, some citizens want to protest into the night when people are trying to rest.

Many people still have to go to work and raise their families and live life. Cities have essential services that need to get done daily. Having the ability to sit in your home within the city limits in relative peace and quiet is crucial for your mental and physical well-being. How can those people who have to work get the rest they need if people are protesting all the time?

Potential Police Department Budget Restrictions Makes Living In The City Dangerous

There are calls by the citizens in major cities to defund the police. While I understand the sentiment behind this call, this move will ultimately make living in the city dangerous.

What I think will happen is this: Mayors cut the budget of their police force. Thus, the police department has less money to hire and/or retain their police officers. As a result, some police officers quit, others don’t join the force, and there’s less personnel available to help. Thus, if you need police assistance it may take a long time for it to arrive.

Now I will say this: Police departments needs better training. I would rather see money go into that than cutting their budgets. These officers have to deal with mentally ill individuals and don’t have the training or skill-set. And they have to interact with people high on drugs who could hurt or kill them. I think that’s why such force is used in various encounters because officers get scared.

What Are My Plans?

My lease ends around October 1st and I’m already planning to possibly move. I will continue to stay in the suburbs because living in the city is 1) too expensive and 2) does not fit my lifestyle.

I don’t want to deal with the noise, the cramped living situation, and the amount of people living in the city. As I get older I’m looking for peace and quiet along with space. I’ve even considered moving out to a rural area, though my work commute would become much longer. Finally, I was interested in buying a house but with everything going on now I’m going to wait and continue to rent.

As for you, do what’s best for you. If you like living in the city, prepare yourself. Have food and water on hand in your place. And have some way to defend yourself. Now if you’re ready to leave, find an area you like and make the move.

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