Life Improvements After Losing 90 Pounds

life improvements after losing

This being the last week in January 2020, those resolutions are in full swing now. Your resolution may to be lose weight, like mine was years ago, yet you wonder what your life improvements after losing weight will be. Some people can’t imagine what their lives will be like, especially if they have been overweight all their lives. Others do see a thinner version of themselves but their visions are too grand. In this post, I detail my life improvements after losing 90 pounds so you can be prepared when you lose weight.

Life Improvements After Losing Weight: I Can Move So Much Better

When I started Keto I was 272 pounds. I didn’t have problems walking, but I couldn’t stand for long periods on my feet, getting onto the floor took too much time, going up stairs was my mortal enemy and running was out of the question. But now that I’m 90 pounds lighter, I don’t have any of those problems!

Standing in one place for a long time doesn’t hurt my feet. In fact, my joints don’t hurt or ache at all. I didn’t have problems with my knees, but I did have problems with my ankles. I broke my right one when I was eight and severely sprained my left ankle nearly 10 years ago. Both injuries healed but I had joint issues off and on. But losing the weight resolved those issues.

Since I’m lighter in mass, I can get down and up from the floor without issue. Before I would have to plan my descendant: Are there people around? Is there anything I can balance myself on? Will I hurt myself? Now I don’t have to plan.

Regarding the stairs and running, the former isn’t my mortal enemy anymore and the latter I can do for minutes until I get winded.

Life Improvements After Losing Weight: Finding Clothes In My Size Is Easier

When I was obese, I found it hard to find clothing in my size at regular stores. Usually because the bigger sizes (2X and above) were sold out. I would have to go to store to store sometimes to buy whatever clothing item I was interested in. To make matters worse, the plus size stores like Lane Bryant and Torrid were out of my price range.

I knew life improvements after losing weight would be in the clothing department since I saw plenty of the smaller sizes.

Now I can find and wear fashionable clothes in my size without issue. And I can shop at various stores I couldn’t before (like Old Navy) and take advantage of their low prices.

The downside to this is spending more money on clothes than I anticipated. Not because they cost more but because I could finally wear certain shirts and pants I couldn’t before.

Fitting Easier Into Small Spaces

When I flew to New York City in 2018, I lost at least 50 pounds. I really saw my weight loss when I sat in the airplane seat and 1) the seat belt had so much slack and 2) my thighs and butt had plenty of empty space surrounding it. This made me so giddy that I tweeted about this while on the plane!

As the months progressed, I found I could fit in other small spaces. At work I could slide between a column and a small opening without too much issue. That really surprised me!

Overall, I don’t wonder if I’m going to fit into a seat or an opening like I did when I was obese. So my mind is more at ease.

Seeing A New Me

I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror when I was fat. It’s because I didn’t like what I saw. That was a major reason why I didn’t like taking pictures. Seeing my fat body taking up so much space just made me sad. And maybe you’re going through that too. Life improvements after losing weight includes seeing a new me, which was one of the best parts during this journey!

While I have sagging skin now due to my weight loss, that doesn’t bother me. Actually I show it as victory over my bad eating habits and I’m very open about discussing my sagging skin (maybe I’ll make a post about it).

With this new me comes a more outgoing Brittany. When I was fat, I didn’t make small talk and didn’t like meeting new people. Now I’m willing to make the first move and smile at people. In short, my self-esteem improved.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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2 months ago

[…] I’m so glad I took my health seriously over 3 years ago and lost weight through Keto. Yes, losing weight made moving and living easier but it improved my physical health. The world knows now if someone has co-morbidity, like obesity, he/she has a higher chance of dying from Covid-19. […]