Liberal Arts In Technology

liberal arts in technology

Liberal Arts In Technology: A How-To Guide on Utilizing Your Liberal Arts Degree in the Technology Industry is available on Amazon or Gumroad for $5.

Your Liberal Arts degree can be used to get a technical job in the Technology industry outside of Technical Writing. I say this because I did so with my English degree nearly 12 years ago. My guide provides the steps and tips to help you make the successful transition into the Technology industry, with and without additional education and/or training.

In “Liberal Arts In Technology: A How-To Guide on Utilizing Your Liberal Arts Degree in the Technology Industry” I explain why and how your degree is useful in the Technology industry, along with the following:

1. Technology jobs accepting your degree.
2. Whether or not you need additional education and/or training to get a job.
3. How to attain additional education and/or training.
4. Three techniques I used to find my first job in Technology.
5. Suggestions on how to ace the interview and get hired.
6. What to expect as you transition into Technology.

Liberal Arts In Technology: What Made Me Write This?

I wrote this book because many individuals like myself want to change careers into the Technology field, but don’t know how.

Now this book isn’t just for those degree holders, as anyone wanting to change careers into the Technology field can use it. But I focus on this degree because there are many people like myself working in Technology. There are Philosophy majors working as Software Developers. History majors as Database Admins. This shows your degree isn’t useless! You can use your Communications, Sociology, Fine Arts, and even Music education in Technology.

Finally, I wrote this book as a guide on how to change careers. Unfortunately, when I made the change nearly 12 years ago, there wasn’t a “How-To” manual. Hence, I made a bunch of mistakes along the way. So I took all that knowledge and put it in a book for the public to read. In turn, you don’t have to make those mistakes like I did.

Where Can You Find This Book?

You can purchase my ebook on Amazon or Gumroad for $5.00.