Let’s All Meat Is Live!

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After a very long delay outside of my control I am happy to say that Let’s All Meat is live! This is a new business venture for me and I’m very excited I can finally share this news with everyone.

Let’s All Meat Is Live…So What Is It?

Let’s All Meat is an ecommerce store selling clothing and accessories for meat-eaters and carnivores using designs I created. I wrote about my business before on my blog. The extended delay came from a backlog of business license applications in my county. I applied mid-January 2021 and finally got my approval in mid-May 2021.

Let’s All Meat Is Live…My Next Steps

Since Let’s All Meat is live now my next steps is to actually put in the work of operating and maintaining an online business. Although it’s not as much work as operating a brick-and-mortar store I do have to implement an advertising program (currently in progress), lure in customers and keep them around (also in progress), and do the admin work (like sales taxes and accounting).

I will continue to create designs. Actually, I have a notebook where I write down my slogans and ideas. While some make it to production, other ideas don’t. Finally, I will wait to see if I need to add other products to my store. Someone asked about kid’s clothing but I want to make sure people will buy it before I do the work to source the raw materials.

It’s been pretty exciting so far, and I’m still in the honeymoon period because the store hasn’t been open for a week yet. However, I’m so proud of seeing the product of my hard work, patience, and sacrifice out in the world. I decided long ago to not dream about goals and just go do them. Even if I fail I still did it. While dreaming is fun many people get caught up in constantly dreaming and never doing.

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Naomi P Lane
23 days ago

Congrats Brittany on your new business endeavour. You meat lovers shop looks really good and I’m sure you will find lots of fans. Well done!