Keto Cookie Bites From Super Fat: My Review

keto cookie bites

Author’s Note: I write about my Keto journey on my blog from time to time. Hence, I get emails from individuals or companies about their Keto products on occasion. Super Fat is one of those companies. I’m part of Super Fat’s affiliate program. Thus, if you buy any of their products using the links on my website, I earn a commission. Today I’m reviewing Super Fat’s newest product: Keto cookie bites.

What Is Super Fat?

Their tagline states it perfectly: “Amazing Keto Nut Butters You Can Take Anywhere”

What Are Keto Cookie Bites?

Per Super Fat’s website, these cookies bites are “delicious gluten-free cookies made with almond flour. Only 2g – 3g net carbs & no added sugar!”

You can order the following flavors:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Chocolate Chip

Below is the nutrition facts about the Keto cookies bites. As you can see, these contain clean ingredients. No palm oil, which is present in many snacks nowadays. These also gluten-free since almond flour is used, and also Paleo friendly!

Unfortunately, unlike Super Fat’s nut butters, the cookie bites aren’t vegan because it contains grass-fed collagen and butter, and eggs.

My Review

Keto Cookie Bites: The Good

Each bag contains two servings of cookies, and although I wanted to stop eating at 4 cookies, I devoured the entire bag! These cookies are delicious!

What really surprised me about them is their softness. We all know how store-brought cookies have a hard texture. Even “soft-baked” cookies have a kinda-hard texture. Yet these Keto cookies bites don’t. They crumble in your hands, and they are soft when you bite them. Maybe that’s the ingredients, or maybe that’s how Super Fat baked them. As a result, the texture is fantastic!

Regarding their taste, these cookies are really good. I ordered the chocolate chip flavor, and Super Fat does a great job with their recipe. The cookies aren’t overly sweet, which I like since I don’t eat much sugar and/or sweets anymore.

Finally, the cookies are a decent size for the price. I got two bites from each cookie, which makes sense because they are “bites.” I took some pictures of the packaging and the cookie size in the gallery below.

Keto Cookie Bites: The Bad

There are two negatives with the Keto cookies bites:

  • The serving size
  • The price

The serving size is pretty small. Like I said, I consumed the entire bag very quickly. While it’s great these cookies are delicious, you don’t get that many for the price. So if you want to share them, it’s very difficult unless you share them with one other person.

Speaking of price, these cookies are expensive. However, you have to pay if you want such clean and high-quality ingredients. The Keto cookie bites cost $14.99 for a box of 3 bags. I suggest if you want to get the cookies, it’s better to buy a bundle.

Get Some Today!

So if you’re looking for a clean Keto, Paleo, or gluten-free cookie, Keto cookie bites are an awesome choice. From April 28 to April 30, get $10 off your order of $50 or more and free shipping in the U.S. using the promo code “10SAVINGS.”

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