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I like to listen to people. Yes, it’s nice to talk to them but I prefer to listen. And if you listen to them long enough they will tell you all about themselves and their lives. One thing I discovered from listening to them is that many people want to start a new hobby or a career or even a business but don’t. Why? Not because they fear failure but they believe they suck. That’s when I pipe up to tell them that notion is correct. They will suck. I sucked when I first put my books out into the world and when I started my YouTube channel. Yet, the more I did it the better I got. So today I implore you to just do it! Start whatever you want. Although you will suck at it, this article provides some tips how to suck less.

Do Some Research Then Just Do It!

You need to do some research before you start your new endeavor. However, don’t get stuck into “research mode.”

I watch inspiration videos on YouTube every once in awhile. These are very uplifting and can push people, including myself, into getting out of a rut and starting a new project or change their life or whatever they need or want to do. However, there are individuals who watch these videos repeatedly but never implement the lessons from them into their lives. It’s because the videos make them feel good. This can happen when you research your idea.

Let’s say you want to lean how to play the piano. You search around the Internet for the best beginner piano or keyboard you can buy. That may lead you to watching YouTube videos. Next, you may fret over which manufacturer is best. The “research mode” cycle begins.

I say spend a few days at least on researching then just do it. Go ahead and start because once you do you will learn what you need to change so you can improve.

Spend The Least Amount Of Money You Possibly Can Then Just Do It!

Some people don’t start because they think it takes a tremendous amount of money to start. Depending on what you want to do that could be true. Yet, most endeavors require little money to start.

Let’s take making YouTube or TikTok videos because there are many people who want to do that now. Thus, they go out and spend thousands of dollars on getting a new smartphone or camera, audio equipment, and a laptop. Not need for that at all. I follow Gus Johnson and he has a great video on how he built his YouTube following with cheap and inexpensive equipment. You can watch the video here:

I’m doing the same. I use a $40 webcam, a $40 microphone, my Samsung Galaxy S7, and my refurbished Dell computer to make a majority of my YouTube videos. Thus, I’m under little pressure and don’t have to make money off of my videos quickly.

To find inexpensive materials for whatever you want to do you will have to do some research. Check Ebay or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find used equipment. Search your local thrift store. Don’t get in debt.

Tell A Few Trusted People About Your Plans Then Just Do It!

Many people fish around for suggestions about their plans to various people, even strangers like myself, to determine if they are making the right move. When you do that you leave yourself vulnerable to negativity which can derail your plans. That’s why you should tell a few trusted people like your spouse or your parents if you need to.

These people will have your best interests in mind and will provide good advice or an alternative opinion. He or she could find a problem or issue you missed.

However, if you don’t want to tell anyone and just do it I believe that is fine too. Sometimes you have to move in secret. I’ve done this myself and told others afterwards.

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