Journaling My Thoughts: A Review

journaling my thoughts

Lately, I’ve been journaling my thoughts into a notebook with the pen. Today I want to talk review that process.

Why Did I Start Journaling My Thoughts?

First, I started to write down my feelings about popular topics. I started writing about my thoughts about marriage, which then lead me to discuss about fear, and the topics grew from there.

Second, I found it was a way to let my mind settle. My mind is busy with opinions and viewpoints from what I see and hear. It also doesn’t help that I love to people watch, which makes me think more. So when I write down my thoughts for the day, I let the energy out. My mind relaxes.

My Setup

I write in a heavy-duty spiral notebook one would use for class to take notes. I like this type of notebook because I can flip the pages around to write on the back, and the paper is heavy. Plus, this notebook is cheaper to buy.

However, my pens aren’t cheap. I love uni-ball VISION pens. I love the flow of the ink and how they write. Yet, they cost about $7 for a pack of 4 pens at Wal-Mart.

Benefits of Journaling My Thoughts

I find that writing down my thoughts about certain topics like fear or marriage make me think fully about my feelings. I think about why I hold certain viewpoints, or why I live a certain way. Also, I thoroughly enjoy putting those thoughts onto paper because it inspires my writing.

This is also a great opportunity to write about “taboo” topics. I have feelings I wouldn’t post online because they would cause an issue for me either at work or personally. Plus, it’s not good to put everything online. People should keep some secrecy about themselves.


I believe everyone should write in a journal. It doesn’t have to be every day, but at least once or twice a week. So many people are upset and angry with life and need a release. Thus, writing those feelings down would work very well instead of drinking alcohol or going shopping.

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