I’m Taking A Break From Posting New Content

i'm taking a break

As of today I’m taking a break from posting any new content to my blog. I hope to return to posting once a week starting in September.

Why I’m Taking A Break

Well, I planned on taking a break later in August once I close on my house purchase. I would use that break to move in, buy stuff, and do some repairs. I already took that time off from work.

However, today I got some unfortunate news regarding a family member needing help. This requires me and other family members to leave town for a few days. Since I have to travel back and forth and then I close on my house a few days after that, I don’t have the time nor the inspiration to post new content right now.

Although I don’t like the neglect my blog like this I have to when life happens. I hope all my readers do understand.

As I get older I learn more and more that I have to not fight change when it happens. Life will happen and there’s very little I or anyone else can do about it. My family member going through tough times knows that first-hand.

Finally, I want to tell everyone reading to check in with your family members regularly. Don’t hide your troubles. While it’s fine to wait to tell your family about your issues so you can try to fix them first, but if you need assistance it’s best to tell them now instead of later.

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