I Won’t Work Dumb

i won't work dumb

I won’t work dumb. Nope, not gonna do it.

I have no problem working. Actually, I love it. I’ll even work hard when it’s time. No matter if I need to do a repetitive tasks or perform manual labor. Yet, I won’t work dumb. Here’s why:

I Won’t Work Dumb Because It Wastes My Time

My time is precious, as is everyone’s time. Although I’m selling my time to an employer for money, that doesn’t mean my employer can waste my time.

I will push back when I’m given nonsense tasks. That literally makes me angry because someone in another department didn’t think and now they are causing problems for other people. What should happen is create a meeting so we can all discuss it. This way I don’t waste my time.

I Won’t Work Dumb Because It Causes Double Work

Unfortunately, I’ve been in situations with certain employers where I had to do double work. Usually because some genius in management made an “awesome” decision to improve our work procedure. Or they promised a customer the world and the customer continues to change their minds.

When I find out I did double work or have to do it, I get angry. The combination of wasted energy, time, and someone not thinking things through burns me up.

Push Back!

You have to push back when you see this coming at work. I know some people can’t because they need to keep their job, but that’s why your employer or management treats you that way.

For me, I go in with a plan: I show why I won’t work dumb (but I don’t use those words), and then offer a viable solution. In most cases, this works out well for me, and saves my time and energy.

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