How To Stop Being Outraged

how to stop being outraged

Today I want to give you some tips on how to stop being outraged. Why? Because I’m seeing more and more people in everyday settings and online that are angry. Sometimes these individuals are caught up in a rage. And I understand why. Although life is hard for us all over the past few years it’s become more difficult. Living costs such as housing, food, and transportation are higher but wages aren’t increasing. Governments around the world either don’t do anything to solve these problems, or enact laws that make them worse. So what can we do to stop being consumed by the rage swirling around us?

How To Stop Being Outraged: Limit Your News Consumption

The first tip I have on how to stop being outraged is to limited your news consumption. I know that you want to be knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world but watching negative event after negative event is bad for your mental health. You start to believe that the entire world is caught up in violence, death, and despair.

And this goes for local news too. I stopped watching my local news long ago because they focused too much on the death and despair happening in the city. Now I keep abreast of what’s happening by reading news aggregation websites occasionally. This way I’m still in the know without having to be surrounded by it.

How To Stop Being Outraged: Focus On The Things You Can Fix

The second tip on how to stop being outraged is to focus on the things you can fix. I know that you may have ideas on how to improve certain conflicts or problems in the world but you most likely can’t fix them. Instead, focus on resolving issues in your life or even in your community.

Yes, this may sound callous but I’m not mad about life in general anymore because I realized long ago I couldn’t fix those problems. And, honestly, there are many problems I shouldn’t have to devote time and energy to resolve. I even take that stance when it comes to family members. While I’ll give them advice I also tell them that I can’t help in certain situation and that they will have to do the work to make everything good.

How To Stop Being Outraged: Realize Anger Sells

My final tip on how to stop being outraged is to realize anger sells. Websites, especially those reporting the news, write titles to make you mad or even sad because you will click on them to read them. Thus, they got another pair of eyes to not only visit their website but to view the ads on the page. And now the website can tell their advertisers they have X amount of visitors to their site and charge more to show their ads.

This happens also on social media. If users are posting content which makes you angry you are probably going to read it and comments. Thus, you’re staying on the platform longer and the company will send more of that content your way so you stay on there longer. Again, it’s all about advertising dollars and showing investors high customer engagement scores.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

I used to get angry when I was tasked with work that I felt was overwhelming or impossible to complete. I like your advice to focus on what you CAN do instead and then move forward with that small piece to overcome this feeling of powerlessness. Once you get started, then you can ask for specific help to complete the difficult task. Eventually you learn something new and it will be much easier next time.