How To Stay Working From Home If Your Office Reopens

how to stay working from home

I just read an article stating Google told their employees they must return to the office as of September 1st. And if any employee wants to continue working remotely they can do so after that date for only 14 days max per year. If a employee wants to extend that time-span then that employee has to apply. Even then Google determines how long that employee can work from home which could be up to 12 months at the longest. Now, Google isn’t the only employer doing this as many have already reopened their offices, or will be some time this year. So what can you do if you don’t want to return to office life or go back to commuting? Here’s three options on how to stay working from home.

How To Stay Working From Home Option #1: Negotiate With Your Employer

This option for employees who love your job or their benefits their employer offers. How to stay working from home and not return to the office is to negotiate with your employer.

What I suggest is speak with your manager, explain that you want to continue working from home, and ask to setup a meeting to discuss this further. This gives you and your manager time to prepare.

In this meeting you need to explain with actual statistics and/or evidence how you can continue doing your job properly at home. You may need to create a presentation or show documentation showcasing your productivity (hopefully it increased). You must prove that you can do all of your job tasks along with work with your coworkers at home.

With this option you should be ready to compromise. Your manager may not have the power to allow you to continue working from home. Thus, you may have to go through Human Resources. Or you may have to work a hybrid schedule, meaning that you have to come into the office for one or two days a week but can work at home the other days.

So what can you do if your manager or the company will not allow you to continue remote work?

How To Stay Working From Home Option #2: Find A New Employer Offering Remote Jobs

How to stay working from home if your company won’t work with you is to find a new employer offering remote jobs.

This option takes a good deal of time and energy, however, because you must research which companies offer fully remote work. And depending on your skill-set, career aspirations, or salary requirements, you may or may not find this type of position.

Yet, there are more and more employers offering 100% fully remote work because they realize certain job functions can be done from home, and that many employees work better from home.

The only downside to this option is that some employers may offer a lower salary for these positions.

How To Stay Working From Home Option #3: Become Self-Employed

Your final option on how to stay working from home is to become self-employed. However, this method is not for everyone. Yet, if you are thinking about creating your own business this option could work for you. And the barrier to entry for self-employment is low depending on the venture.

Yes, becoming your own boss provides many benefits, I can speak to that because I am self-employed, but there are downsides too.

The biggest two are income and health insurance. When you are self-employer your income is inconsistent unlike a regular salary job. So you need steady income then this option isn’t for you. Additionally, many people need or want health insurance and once you become self-employed you must buy it privately (I’m talking about America here). This can be prohibitively expensive depending on your needs.

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7 months ago

[…] I wrote an article a few weeks back about how Google told their employees they had to come back to work in the office as of September 1, 2021 and couldn’t work from home that often. Well, Google reverses course on remote working and will now allow 20% of their employees to work from home or from another office location. Why did this happen? I have a couple of theories why. […]