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How To Get A Raise At Work? Make Your Manager’s Job Easier!

how to get a raise

You’re reading this article because you want to know how to get a raise at work. You get a raise by making your manager’s job easier. How do I know? Because I did just that at my current job. Here’s how I did it.

How To Get A Raise At Work? Solve Inefficiencies At Work

When I started my current job about 3 years ago, I saw some glaring inefficiencies almost immediately. One was around the handling of the ticket queue the technicians worked from.

I saw how the various technicians didn’t update tickets properly, or assign themselves the tickets they worked on. Thus, this caused a tremendous amount of double-work and missing the team’s Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What I did to make my manager’s job easier was to write down all of the inefficiencies and developed an action plan to resolve each of them. I presented this plan to my manager first who then enacted it for the entire team. Yes, there was push back from some coworkers but I took charge and showed everyone how we will work better if we implemented these changes. Eventually the team accepted the new workflow and our productivity and SLA improved!

So if you see you or your team is working too hard at certain tasks, or not working well at all, then develop an action plan to improve your workflow. Sometimes managers are too busy to see these problems, or they know about the problem but don’t have time to find a solution.

How To Get A Raise At Work? Develop Or Improve Training Procedures

When I went through the training at my current job, it wasn’t good frankly. Like many departments, my team suffered from tribal knowledge. And if there was written training documentation, it wasn’t written or organized well. This caused me to suffer some setbacks.

My team did have technicians who took on the training tasks because he or she wanted to, but eventually he or she stopped because of the commitment required. As a result of this, I decided to go to my manager and ask to become the trainer because I’ve done so at previous jobs.

I attacked this problem by interviewing the technicians who went through training about their experience. I asked them what went well, what was bad about training, and what would they want to see. In turn, I developed a training plan from their responses. Finally, I submitted this training procedure to management. From there, I tested my plan with a new contractor.

As of today, I have refreshed the training procedure with new steps, and it’s available for the entire company to see through our knowledge base. I’ve also had individuals take my procedure and tweak it for their use.

This made my manager’s job easier because she didn’t have to worry about who was going to train new employees, or if the new employee would be trained correctly. And since she likes how I train, she knows she can call on me to train new employees, even those remote.

Why Some Employees Won’t Make Their Manager’s Job Easier?

There are some employees who will not follow this path and won’t get a raise because this path requires work and leadership. I took on these tasks before getting any additional money or title. I had to spend hours developing my action plans. Some of this work was done while I was on the clock and on my days off. Thus, some employees see this as a waste of time.

But you must show management that you will take the time to improve your department, and have the ambition to take on more responsibility and be beneficial to your team. Once you do that, then you manager will promote you and give you more money!

How To Make Your Manager’s Job Harder

Finally, let me discuss how some employee torpedo their chances at getting a raise at all: By making their manager’s job harder.

If you’re constantly coming into work late, or taking a long lunch, or doing the bare minimum for a paycheck, then you’re making your manager’s job harder.

Some employees even compete with their manager because he or she wants the manager’s job and feel that he or she can do it better. Yes, I’ve seen this action over the years and it’s such a sad and uncomfortable sight to see.

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