How I’m Staying Cool In My House

how i'm staying cool in my house

It’s almost Memorial Day, which is the unofficial start of Summer in America, and the temperatures are rising already. This past weekend in Georgia the temperature got to 90 degrees! Of course I turned on my air conditioner but I don’t want to wholly rely on it because it will make my power bill jump up. So today I’m going to tell you a few of the ways how I’m staying cool in my house.

How I’m Staying Cool In My House: Cooking Outside

Using the oven creates a tremendous amount of heat that will only increase the temperature inside my house. Thus, I would have to use the air conditioner more. So instead of cooking inside when Summer rolls around I do most of my cooking outside on my grill.

I already wrote about my love of charcoal grilling, which is another reason I cook outside, but it really helps to keep the heat outdoors. Yes, I have to clean and maintain my grill and buy charcoal but I’m fine with that cost.

If charcoal grilling is too much of a hassle for you, consider using a gas grill. Or if you want to be really fancy and have a bunch of money and space, you can create an outdoor kitchen.

How I’m Staying Cool In My House: Cold Drinks

How I’m staying cool in my house this Summer is by drinking cold drinks. This is the time I start brewing my own kombucha again. And I keep going with cold-brew coffee since it’s too hot to drink hot coffee. However, I primarily drink water, usually from the tap or sparkling water cans.

If you are a tea drinker consider brewing tea specifically made for cold water. This way you don’t have to boil water which will heat up your house. Or you can invest in an electric kettle instead of boiling water on stove-top.

How I’m Staying Cool In My House: Wearing Sparse Clothing

How I’m staying cool in my house is by wearing sparse clothing. Now this may not work well for you if you live with roommates or family but I live alone so I can.

I usually wear a t-shirt and a pair of light-weight shorts when I’m in the house, and this keeps me cool. And not to get too indecent, sometimes I don’t wear a t-shirt and just walk around in my shorts. My windows are already closed with blackout curtains, which keeps the rooms cool, so I don’t have to worry about flashing my neighbors.

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Naomi P Lane
5 months ago

Stay cool friend. I can’t believe it’s 90 degrees already. I guess a simple fan is not going to cut it for you. I have never owned an air conditioner, but I have two fans beside the bed and one beside the couch. Whew! You make me grateful for our northern climes.