Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Lore

hollywood doesn't care about lore

I subscribe to a few channels on YouTube that discuss entertainment news, and follow those individuals on Twitter, and many are upset about how Hollywood continues to change the source material found in books and short stories whenever they make a movie adaptation. These people will have several hour livestreams and make constant videos shouting “respect the lore!” Yet, it’s futile because Hollywood doesn’t care about lore; they care about making a buck.

Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Lore Along With Many People

Let’s face it: Many people watch movies and TV shows based on short stories or books and don’t even know that’s the case. And if they do know many don’t care if the show or the movie is faithful to the source material. All they care about if it’s entertaining or not. That’s why Hollywood doesn’t care about lore.

I’m not saying the film industry should completely disregard the lore because why would they buy the rights? Certain fans (some who may think themselves purists, in a sense) are too involved with certain adaptations. I see them get more upset than the author or the estate. If the author or the executor signs off on the project that means they’re fine with how it’s going, so chill out.

Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Lore Because They’re Spending The Money

Making a movie or a TV show is expensive, sometimes insanely so. Not only does the film company have to buy the rights to the story they have to pay for actors, a film crew, permits, transportation, food, post-production costs, marketing, and more!

Hollywood doesn’t care about lore because it can be quite expensive to reproduce on the screen. Special effects costs are costly. I looked around for figures but couldn’t find a definitive source as there’s too many variables. On the low end Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) can cost $5000 per minute. If the entire scene is CGI and requires multiple CGI artists, a 10 minute portion could be as high as $800,000. So you can see how expensive an adaptation can get which is why screenwriters will make certain changes when adapting the source material.

And if the production must be shot in a particular area to reproduce an specific location or type of scenery, that’s another set of costs. You have to pay for air travel, transport your equipment, hire drivers, get hotels, and feed everyone.

What Fans Should Do Instead

What I think fans should do instead is enjoy the TV show or the movie and understand the limitations involved. I’m not saying you can’t criticize the choices made as I do that myself. However, I don’t work myself into a frenzy and get in Twitter fights and spend three to four hours complaining in a livestream with other people weekly. (Yes, this happens and I don’t watch these extended rants because I have better activities to do with my time.)

At the end of the day there’s going to be changes you don’t like. The film studio could make a mockery of the lore. The show could suck. We can’t prevent that.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

Wow I had no idea that CGI cost so much! That is shocking. Personally, I don’t get upset that a movie isn’t faithful to the book, but I will just think about which version I like better. It’s usually the book because my imagination has conjured up treasured images that the film destroys. But if it were my book, I would probably feel a lot more invested.