High Beef Prices: How You Can Afford It Now?

high beef prices

I live in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, GA, and every Wednesday the new grocery store circulars arrive. I check them to see what’s on sale and what I can stock up on. Yet, week after week I see a troubling sign: High beef prices. Just this week my local Publix has T-bone / Porterhouse steaks for $9.99 a pound! Cheaper cuts are no better as I’m seeing those starting at $6.99 per pound. So what can you do if you love to eat beef like myself? Here are some tips.

One Way To Combat High Beef Prices: Eat Fatty Ground Beef

I have been eating fatty ground beef for the past few months because it’s cheap and tasty. Plus, ground beef can be prepared or cooked in several ways:

  • Burgers
  • Taco meat
  • Sloppy joes / loose meat sandwich
  • Meatballs

So where can you find the fattier, cheaper kind of ground beef? Check out your local Wal-Mart.

Go over to the meat section but look at the meats in the freezers sitting on the floor. If your Wal-Mart is like mine, you will find 1 pound rolls of 73/27 or 85/15 ground beef for low prices. My Wal-Mart sells the 73/27 around $2.80 per roll, and the 85/15 around $3.50 a roll.

You’re probably wondering about the quality of this meat. According to the packaging, the meat is a product of the U.S.A. I assume this means the cows were grown and harvested in America. As for the taste, it’s good. It tastes like regular ground beef. I made burgers from it several times and haven’t been disappointed. My only complaint is the 73/27 is too fatty for my taste.

Another Way To Combat High Beef Prices: Eat Organs Or Uncommon Cuts

I’m eating more beef organs and uncommon cuts to get my beef fix. Beef liver is very cheap and is very nutritious. Some people also eat beef kidneys, beef hearts, or even beef tongue. I’ve had beef tongue and it’s very tasty and tender if cooked slowly.

As for uncommon cuts, look out for beef neckbones. Yes, these are the bones of the cow’s neck but the meat is tender. I currently have some beef neckbones in my freezer right now.

A final uncommon cut you can search for is the beef shank for soup. If you slow cook this cut of beef, it’s quite tasty. And you get two products from this cut: Stew meat and beef broth. You can use the left-over beef broth to cook other meats or drink it.

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