having a good laugh

Having A Good Laugh

Today I want to talk about having a good laugh. Laughter is great for us, as it relives stress and helps us to forget about our problems and relax.

Having A Good Laugh Through Memes

I love memes. Yes, I’m 37 years old at the time of this post’s publication, but I love watching and reading memes. Not only do they make me laugh now, but I’ll think of them during a tough time at work and I’ll feel better. So let’s discuss some of my favorite memes.

Disclaimer: Some of these may contain adult language so use headphones.

Give Me Your F%^$ing Money!

I love this meme because it’s short and to the point. Yes, I don’t like the child cursing but it is hilarious! Finally, the way the girl throws the doll against the wall after saying the line cracks me up.

Kris Jenner Gun Meme

I love this meme because of how Kris looks at the gun, and how she pulls it away when the guy goes to grab it. Plus, the background music goes so well with the scene.

YouTube Comedians I Enjoy

If I’m not having a good laugh at memes, I’m getting it from some YouTube comedians. The following videos are some of my favorite.

I Won’t Wear A Jacket

This video makes me smile because 1) it’s catchy, 2) it’s relatable, and 3) Gus’ dance moves are sick!

*drinks Bang Energy once*

I love this video because I work with many people who love energy drinks. Yes, some of them drink Bang but they’re not as loud as the guy in the video. Plus, Trevor’s delivery throughout the video is on point and it keeps me enthralled.

Mukbangers Consuming Chicken Wings

The editing and the sound effects make this video funny. I truly enjoy when someone puts this type of effort into a video.


The videos above are a small sample of what I find funny. Again, I love sitting down and having a good laugh because it really does put me in a good mood. I hope it does the same to you.

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