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Hard Work: Anything Worth Doing Requires It

hard work

At my last job my coworker and I had a conversation about people who achieved great success in life, be it personal or professional. He wondered why some people who wanted to achieve the same didn’t talk to those successful individuals to find out what they did. I responded that many of those people had but found out the secret to their success was very simple: Hard work. Yes, some successful people in life are lucky but most must put in long hours and tons of energy, along with making great sacrifices, to attain their goals.

Hard Work: If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It

That’s the saying we all heard throughout our lives. And it’s true, unfortunately.

Think about some achievement you accomplished recently. I bet it took some hard work, didn’t it? You probably had to spend some long hours at it, right? And you had to overcome obstacles, correct? Well, that’s normal. Yet, many people who want success don’t want to realize that or hope their race won’t be as difficult. However, it will be. All because if the race was easy you would see more people at the finish line.

Since I’m an entrepreneur I hang around other entrepreneurs and people who are still employees. The latter think I have a fantastic, care-free lifestyle and wish to join me. That’s because they see flash videos on social media painting this lifestyle as easy-going, you can make your own schedule, and it’s highly lucrative. Yet, when I tell them the realty of being an entrepreneur many shy away from it. They are put off by the amount of hours I work per day and that I work every day of the week. Oh yes, I have control over my schedule but that means getting up early sometimes or staying up late to complete a task.

And this is why many people who join the entrepreneurship lifestyle leave it. Because they didn’t see the hard work, the long hours, and the struggle to make revenue in those flashy posts.

Hard Work: It’s Good For Us

Some people think hard work is bad for us but I disagree. I enjoy tackling a difficult task, issue, problem, and sometimes customers. When I complete the task or win over a customer I feel fantastic! I feel that I could do anything. And I get a rush that makes me want to continue going.

That’s why hard work is good for us. When we finally achieve our goal we will look back at all the obstacles, all the problems, all the bad moods, and realize none of it was for naught. It all lead to this moment, and that moment is ours.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

I think that most of us forget quickly the amount of effort we put into the goals we have achieved. Our brains tend to move on to the next thing. I have two degrees and a thirty year teaching career under my belt, but I still downplay this in my mind as somehow being trivial. Yes, we need to work hard, but we also need to celebrate our successes. Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for me. I have always been better in the second in command administrative kind of role. I don’t like to be #1.