Growth Is Slow…So Be Patient But Also Diligent

growth is slow

After talking about my success on YouTube on my blog and on my channel, and putting more info about my success on my Twitter account, I’m getting more requests for guidance. I get emails asking for my advice so they can develop their talents on YouTube or as a game developer or even being an adult. Or I get comments on my videos from creators who have a few hundred subscribers asking what to do to grow faster. I give several suggestions but I always end the conversation with this phrase: Growth is slow. Because of its slow nature we must be patient but also diligent so we don’t stop trying. Today I want to explain why I tell people this and provide a tip on how to quit.

Growth Is Slow Because It Is

Really, growth is slow because it is. God, with all of His omnipotent power, took six days to create Earth for humanity. He build the planet in stages, not all at once. And He had to take a break after completing His task!

So why do we humans want everything to grow fast? Mostly because we’re impatient. And many of us don’t want to go through any growing pains.

Yet, we must. We aren’t born a mature adult. Our brains develop over years. Finally, some humans develop slower than others for a multitude of reasons. So when it comes to developing whatever you are trying to grow understand the journey is slow because that’s the way it is.

Growth Is Slow Because It Takes Time For You To Mature

Another reason why growth is slow is so you have the time to mature to handle the success that will come your way.

Think about those who received success or fame or power quickly after starting an endeavor. It could be a businessperson or a musician with a hit product or album. Their fast success is a great boon but also a great obstacle because sometimes those individuals don’t have the maturity to handle it. Thus, those individuals think whatever they will do in the future will be just as successful, or that they can’t do any wrong.

Or you have the few people, who after achieving success, think that’s it and stop trying. They rather ride their past success into the future, reminding anyone and everyone of what they did.

This is why so many people who become famous or successful in their 30s and 40s are grateful it happened then instead of when they were younger. They didn’t have the know-how or the maturity to handle all the trappings of success and fame.

Here’s How To Stay Diligent

While going through this slow process it’s easy to give up. Many think their work is for naught or in vain after years of trying and quit. So how can you stay diligent through all of this? By breaking up the process into smaller pieces.

When I’m writing a book I have a premise and some characters already developed in my mind. However, I don’t know the entire plot nor an outline on how to build it. Instead, I write my book in pieces. This way I’m not overloaded by trying to create the entire world and all the characters and knowing every little single detail before.

Why? Because if I try to take on this project in one huge chunk I’m going to be stressed and not handle this task well. Thus, I may be push to stop it all together because I feel like I’m failing.

So create a plan with small tasks that are easy to complete. When you finish one you’ll have the energy to complete another and that’s how you’ll say diligent to stay on your journey to growth!

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Naomi P Lane
4 months ago

This is so true. It took me over a year to write, edit, and self-publish each of my books. Then you can’t expect a lot of sales right out of the gate. You have to keep constantly promoting your books through different channels. It’s a slow and often tedious process.