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Google Reverses Course On Remote Working

google reverses course on remote working

I wrote an article a few weeks back about how Google told their employees they had to come back to work in the office as of September 1, 2021 and couldn’t work from home that often. Well, Google reverses course on remote working and will now allow 20% of their employees to work from home or from another office location. Why did this happen? I have a couple of theories why.

Google Reverses Course On Remote Working Because Of Pressure From Other Tech Companies

Google reverses course on remote working because of the fully work-from-home policies that other Tech companies, like Twitter and Facebook, have. Thus, Google could not stay competitive when it come to employee compensation.

Now employee compensation is more than salary and health/wellness benefits, although that makes up a large part. Employees are trading their time for money so they want to get the best deal. This is a business transaction after all. When you are in the market for an item, no matter what it is, you search around for the best deal.

So I think what happened was this: Enough employees spoke to their managers and pointed out that many of Google’s competitors allowed their employees to work full-time from their home. And if Google wouldn’t relent, they would leave. Which leads me to my next point.

Google Reverses Course On Remote Working Because Employees Threatened To Leave (Or Already Did)

Google reverses course on remote working because enough highly-skilled employees threatened to leave. Or some probably already have.

Information Technology is a field with more job positions than employees to fill them. So a highly-skilled Google employee would have little problem, in my opinion, to find a full-time work from home job with similar pay. Again, the employee/employer contract is all about business and I bet some of those employees reminded their Google managers they could leave. Some probably already left in between Google’s first announcement and this current one.

What Can You Learn From This

If you have a niche skill-set like one from the Trades or are highly-skilled you have more leverage when it comes to negotiating. Now, that isn’t to say that this technique will get you exactly what you desire from your current employer. However, this gives you the ability to find another job that will.

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Naomi Lane
1 month ago

It’s an interesting trend that you outline here. I wondered what would happen after the vaccines start creating herd immunity. I’m sure you’re correct that many people will want to continue working from home. It sounds Google caved under the pressure of the industry, as you say.