GoDaddy Managed WordPress Websites Are Under Attack

godaddy managed wordpress websites | a computer hacker before two laptops

Here’s an alert for anyone that uses GoDaddy Managed WordPress websites: You need to check your site now for malware. Wordfence has seen increased numbers of infections on these websites and haven’t found the source of the infection.

Why Are GoDaddy Managed WordPress Websites Under Attack?

Security researchers aren’t too sure why GoDaddy managed WordPress websites are under attack. Some believe this could be related to the breach the company disclosed about a several months ago. GoDaddy said the hacker or hackers got access to a legacy code base for their managed WordPress sites. Even though the company reset all the passwords for the affected sites, there’s a possibility the hacker or hackers were able to install a back-door into the company’s servers. If that was the case, they could still have access to the managed WordPress sites and can upload malware on them.

Another reason why these sites are under attack could be related to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Some of the links in the malware infecting the sites do lead back to a Russian Top Level Domain (TLD). However, seeing Russian TLDs in malware links is common, along with various other countries.

Which GoDaddy Managed WordPress Websites Are Under Attack?

If you host your WordPress website using one of these services you need to check it now:

  • MediaTemple
  • tsoHost
  • 123Reg
  • Domain Factory
  • Heart Internet
  • Host Europe Managed WordPress sites

If you purchase website hosting through another company that is a reseller I would verify with them who they use to host your site. Many smaller web hosting companies use servers from a larger web hosting company, like GoDaddy, for their customers. Web developers will do this too. Thus, if they are using any of those above companies to host your site you are still vulnerable. In that case the hosting company should check all their sites to make sure none harbor any malware.

What Should You Do If You Are Using GoDaddy Managed WordPress Websites?

Your first step is to contact GoDaddy for support. They should have a notice on their website. If not, then talk to a support representative via chat or phone. They can tell you what steps they have taken to resolve this issue. And they can check to see if your site does contain malware.

If your site does contain malware you can see if GoDaddy can help you remove it. Or you can look into using a third-party malware removal service if you don’t trust GoDaddy. Companies like Wordfence can help in this situation. However, I will say malware removal can be pricey so don’t be shocked by the price.

Finally, change all of your GoDaddy passwords, including those for your WordPress site. I would change the password for the WordPress database. I know this can be troublesome to do but I rather you be safe than sorry. You want to make sure that hackers can’t get back into your site again.

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