Getting More Sun

getting more sun

I’m doing my best on getting more sun. And so should you.

Getting More Sun: It’s Good For You!

We know that we get Vitamin D from the sun. Yet, this report shows about 42% of Americans are deficient. And a 2010 report from the NCBI states a billion people worldwide don’t get enough Vitamin D.

I know we can take Vitamin D supplements and eat vitamin fortified food, but getting more sun is a better method in my opinion. Why? Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it’s found primarily in meat and seafood. If you don’t eat enough fatty cuts of meat or seafood, then it’s difficult to get Vitamin D.

Instead, I go outside and bask in the sun. How much time do you need stay in the sun each day? Some experts suggest 10 to 15 minutes, while others state 30 minutes. I do at least 30 minutes daily because I’m black and our skin tone makes it harder for our bodies to make Vitamin D.

Getting More Sun: Enjoy The Outdoors!

Many of us are staying inside for most of the day instead of enjoying the outdoors, myself include. That’s due to TV, streaming services, video games, and air conditioning to name a few. While these technologies are awesome and improve our lives, it does hold us back some.

Getting more sun has its physical health benefits, but it also has mental ones by getting us humans back in nature. There’s a large lake at my apartment complex, and I’m making it a habit now to walk down there to enjoy the scene. There’s a bunch of geese there, and I sit and watch them go about their day. And this is so calming. I forget about the rush-rush-rush of modern life and enjoy nature.

This Is More Important Than Ever!

Many of us around the world are under shelter-in-place orders due to the Coronavirus. Because of that, many people who are non-essential worker are either not leaving those homes at all, or make very few trips each week. This is not good because people aren’t made to be cooped up in their houses all day everyday.

So go outside and take a walk around your neighborhood. I take walks around my apartment complex, which helps with getting more sun and not feeling confined. If your local park is open, go there and walk around. Getting the fresh air and exercise benefits your entire being.

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