Getting 1000 Subscribers On YouTube: Creating Engaging Content Is Key

getting 1000 subscribers on youtube

Today I’m celebrating getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube! Even though I’ve had my channel for several years I got serious about creating content last year. After much trial and error I gained subscribers slowly. And if you’re looking for a secret to my success it’s only this: Create engaging content.

Getting 1000 Subscribers On YouTube Takes Trial & Error

When I first started making videos for my YouTube channel I made uninteresting content. I spoke about some Millennial issues and some other serious topics. While it’s fine to make those videos there’s a large popular of viewers who don’t want to watch that. Thus, I dropped those videos.

Next, I made Personal Finance videos and those gained more traction. However, it’s so difficult to gain a following through that topic because there are many creators in that category. So I stopped making those.

After thinking about what I liked to watch I decided to make videos about certain Technology topics and Video Games. The latter is what brought in viewers and subscribers. Slowly I built a following covering the latest news from the Gaming Community and giving my take on it.

As the views came in I took a chance I added another category I wanted to speak about: Entrepreneurship. I made videos about the reality of living this lifestyle so people who were interested would rightfully know what to expect.

I would have not found my rhythm if it wasn’t for the trial & error I went through. However, this part of the process can discourage some creators and many gives up.

Getting 1000 Subscribers On YouTube Requires Planning

On my road to getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube I realized early on that it required planning. Yeah, I could’ve turned on my webcam and spoke into my camera off the cuff but those videos come off as haphazard. Thus, I could look sloppy and unprepared.

I actually plan out my videos using a pen and paper. Oh yes, there are other tools you could use but pen and paper works just fine with me. On it I write up a script, points I want to hit upon, and other important details. Now I don’t always follow my script as I will go off track if an idea hits me in the middle of recording but usually I do.

In addition to a script I have the documents or the websites already cued to show if I need to show that bit of information in my video. Hence, I don’t appear flustered or unprepared, which viewers don’t like.

Getting 1000 Subscribers On YouTube Needs You To Be Entertaining

The biggest factor of me getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube was to be entertaining. Oh yes, you can have the facts and put out a great video but if it’s boring then no one will watch.

Now I’m not fake when I’m recording my videos. Viewers can tell that almost immediately and they’ll click off your video. Instead, I use a combination of my experience and intellect about the topic and humor to create engaging content. Although this part is the hardest to master because you really have to not think about how you look or sound if you can then you will gain views and subscribers.

The biggest reason I’ve exploded in subscribers recently because I’m breaking down how certain content creators are making bad business decisions regarding their online careers using my own small business experience. Not only are my viewers and subscribers loving this content, many are learning what not to do during as a creator or if they open a business.

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Naomi P Lane
5 months ago

Congrats on having such a successful YouTube channel. I’m sure that viewers love your wealth of knowledge and natural no-nonsense delivery. Well done!