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Get A Promotion At Work: A How-To Guide

get a promotion at work

Many employees don’t know how to get a promotion at work. They think their manager will see their hard work and improved skill-set and give them a promotion with a raise. However, that usually doesn’t happen. Management may not see their employee’s hard work due to having to deal with their own workload. Or a manager may give a new title and more money to another employee who may or may not deserve it. So what can you do to get a promotion at work? Follow this step-by-step guide.

Get A Promotion At Work: Do Not Wait Till Your Review

Many employees wait until their annual review to ask their manager for a promotion at work. If you do so, then you waited too late. Why? Because all of your coworkers are trying to get a promotion at the same time.

So what you should do is meet with your manager at least once a month and discuss your work performance. This way you build a history with your manager, and he or she knows what you are doing at work.

If you can’t meet with your manager once a month, then meet with him or her after you complete a project. That way you can provide a report of your performance and your manager can record that information right then.

Finally, you shouldn’t wait for annual review to get a promotion because some employers may promote their employees throughout the year. My employer promotes twice in a calendar year (usually in the Spring and Fall). So one could get two promotions within a year, which happened on more than one occasion.

Now, how do you go about and setup this meeting with your manager? Ask your manager if he or she has 15 to 30 minutes available to discuss your work performance. You could say something like “I wanted to know if we can sit down for 15 minutes a month to discuss my work performance. I’m interested in a new title, and I want to keep you updated on my progression toward it.”

Get A Promotion At Work: Document Your Successes

A big mistake many employees make is not documenting their successes on the job. Instead, they believe their manager will remember them all.

You must remember your manager has many tasks and direct reports, and he or she isn’t going to remember you completed the Johnson Merger and saved the company $1 million dollars.

So how do you document your wins? Do it the best way which works for you. Some people I know keep a spreadsheet detailing the big projects he or she completed, or improvement he or she made. Other individuals have work software like Workday that allows them to create goals and update them whenever.

Make sure you take extensive notes while you work on process improvement or a project. Thus, you won’t forget anything which is quite easy to do.

Finally, make sure you backup this document. While saving it on The Cloud is a good option, things can be deleted there too. So save multiple copies on various mediums (your local computer, a home computer, The Cloud, etc.).

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