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georgia reopens

On April 24, 2020, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp allowed certain businesses to reopen its doors with conditions in place to protect their customers. This plan to restart the economy was criticized by many, including Georgia’s citizens. However, I agree with the governor’s decision, and here’s my thoughts about Georgia reopens.

Georgia Reopens Because Small Businesses Are At Risk

There are over 800,000 small businesses in the state of Georgia. As of a result, about 75% of those businesses employ at the most 10 employees. When shelter-in-place orders started in the state, most shut their doors as they were “non-essential.”

As a result, many small businesses owners made difficult decisions how to 1) stay in a business and 2) how to pay their employees. Some owners went without pay themselves to keep their employees paid, but others had to let them go.

Yet, these small businesses still have to pay their bills but had little to no income coming in. And this is why I fully support that Georgia reopens. Because if you don’t, the following will happen:

  • Business owners will have to close their businesses permanently, causing them to lose their livelihood.
  • Their employees will have financial turmoil, and will have to find another job.
  • The state loses tax revenue, which hurts all citizens.

Georgia Reopens Because It’s Elitist To Keep Certain Businesses Closed

The people I see online or on TV criticizing the governor’s plan to reopen certain Georgia businesses are the ones who can afford to not work. Some of these individuals are still working because they have “essential” jobs. Others may not work, yet have large savings they can draw from, or have a spouse who is still working.

Granted, some of the criticizers have health problems, or live with others who do. As of a result of Georgia reopens, they could be at greater risk of coming into contact with someone with the Coronavirus. I feel for those people, but I also believe those individuals should continue to shelter-in-place.

In the end, it’s elitist to tell a person who can’t afford not to work to stay home and wait for a handout from the government. They already did, and it took nearly a month for those people to receive any money from the United States government. Because of that delay, many didn’t pay their bills.

Plus, I think some Americans don’t understand the majority of their neighbors live paycheck-to-paycheck. And these individuals don’t have much in savings either. That’s why I fully support Georgia’s governor reopening businesses because there is a population of people who must work to survive.

Georgia Reopens But You Aren’t Required To

Even though Governor Kemp reopened certain Georgia businesses on April 24, it wasn’t mandatory. He allowed those owners to make the decision whether to open their doors or not. If they do reopen, they have to follow certain guidelines. If a business owner doesn’t feel comfortable being around others, he or she can keep their business closed. And if their employees don’t feel comfortable going to work in the office, they can stay at home.

The governor basically told the populace: You’re an adult, and you have the ability to determine what’s good and safe for you and your business. And that’s the way it should be.

Thus, customers can make decisions whether or not to go to those businesses to buy those services. And it appears many want to because I saw local news coverage of people going to barbers.


I am for freedom, because we have free will from God. Yes, individuals must look out for the greater good, but at what cost? There are millions of unemployed Americans. Food banks with long lines of people needing food. People despondent about their future.

Thus, the governor’s decision to reopen Georgia businesses was the right move. Allow business owners to make a living. Allow those employees to go back to work. Customers can make the decision whether or not to go there. All of this restarts the normal pattern we all had before. As a result, this can help some people feel good again and improve their mental health.

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