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financial life after the virus

The Coronavirus pandemic, and its response enacted by various nations, should show Americans it is imperative to have a plan in place regarding their spending habits. Today I discuss how we all can improve our financial life after the virus.

Habits To Leave Behind To Improve Your Financial Life After The Virus

The following 4 habits Americans must leave behind after the Coronavirus pandemic because they only their finances:

  1. Consumerism
  2. Materialism
  3. Living paycheck-to-paycheck
  4. Shopping as entertainment


Unfortunately, I think this habit will be the hardest to break out of the four. Why? Because Americans love buying buying stuff, and our economy depends on us buying stuff.

While buying certain goods and services is a must for survival, we Americans take it too far by buying non-essential goods and services “just because” or “I want it.” And I get it: We work hard for our money and want to use it. However, with millions of unemployment claims throughout the country, causing some of them to beg online for money to pay rent or buy food due to job loss, shows indulging our wants is not always a good thing.

So how do you stop your consumerism habit? I wrote the following articles about how I decreased my spending:


The next hardest habit I think Americans will have trouble breaking is materialism. We love showing how well we’ve done in life by amassing possessions. Yet, when times become tough, some have to sell them just to survive.

So how do we improve our financial life after the virus when it comes to materialism? Basically, it about learning to be content with living with less. I have the following articles providing how to do so:

Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck

Americans know now that too many of us are just one paycheck away from having no money. That definitely have to change when all of this is over. Creating an emergency fund is crucial. So what are those changes? Check out this article I wrote featuring several. Some are difficult to make, but great change requires sacrifice.

Shopping As Entertainment

Americans would head out to malls and stores to spend the day shopping as entertainment. Well, many physical stores closed, pushing those individuals to shop online. I’m not a big fan of that either, because it’s way too easy to shop online. It would be better to spend a day, at least, not spending any money.

Habits To Build To Bolster Your Financial Life After The Virus

  1. Frugality
  2. Contentment
  3. Multiple streams of income
  4. Different skill-sets


Being frugal improves your financial life after the virus by making you think about each of your purchases. Yet, being frugal doesn’t mean you become cheap, as cheapness can cause more problems. Finally, frugality doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself because you can, but not frequently.


Americans loves to be happy all the time, but that is not possible, nor should it be. Happiness is fleeting. However, being content constantly is attainable. I am content. When I explain the feeling to others, I tell them contentment is like an overall calmness in my body. Because I know I have a decent place to live, dependable transportation, food in the fridge, and a job providing income, I have security, and that creates calm in my life.

Multiple Streams Of Income

This habit will be harder for others to develop because having multiple streams of income usually means one has a full-time job along with creating and running their own business. While this is easy to do on paper, executing it is difficult (sometimes very difficult). For me, I work a day-job for 40 hours a week while running this website and write short stories and novels to sell online. I do make money from my two side businesses but since they are under 6 months old each, the revenue isn’t much…yet.

Different Skill-Sets

This final habit for Americans to build will also be difficult. Yet, this pandemic shows people must develop different skill-sets they can use to make a living from. We saw how quickly the hospitality and restaurant industries shut down and thousands of people lost their jobs or had their hours cut. If a person has another skill-set, he or she can get another job if he or she loses their main one.


I’ve written about personal finance on my blog several times because it’s a topic dear to my heart. I’ve been poor. Debt, yep, been there too. Yet, I made sacrifices over the years to improve my finances. And I hope after this pandemic is over, many more Americans will realize it’s time to improve their financial lives.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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Larry Clayton
Larry Clayton
1 year ago

I love this Brittany, You make it easy from a planning perspective. Now to execute.