Most frequent questions and answers

General Questions

You can review my pricing for my various services on my Fiverr page here.

I can and I’m open to custom website orders. However, this will require a longer consultation so I can determine your needs. In turn, a custom website will cost more and take longer to deliver than an one-page website.

I use Fiverr because it allows me to advertise my services to a wide range of people.

All of my templates are responsive, meaning they will appear in the proper resolution for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone screens.

You can test this out by viewing each template on your phone, tablet, or computer.

You can. Please contact me through the contact form at the bottom of each page.

I cannot make those purchases because those companies require your information due to their rules and/or regulations.

Website Creation

Yes! You will be able to make any edits to the website after I’m finished.

I can and I’m open to custom website orders. However, this will require a longer consultation so I can determine your needs. In turn, a custom website will cost more and take longer to deliver than an one-page website.

Of course. On the day of delivery I spend up to 1 hour showing you how the website works behind the scenes. That way you can edit it and/or update it.

I install the latest version of WordPress. Currently that is version 6.0.2.

This is going to depend on a few factors:

  • How large is the website? (The more content you want in each section takes more time to setup.)
  • What’s the site’s purpose? (Do you want an informational website, or do you want that and a site that accepts payments and/or appointments online?).


Normally, a basic one page website will take 1 to 2 days if you have all the images and text/content ready to go. 

If you do not have all the  images and/or text/content ready for me to include then it will take longer for me to finish the site.

I can install an older version of WordPress if you request it so you can use a specific plugin that isn’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

The oldest version I will install is 3.7.39 as that version is still getting security updates. You can check on release versions here.

I use the Elementor plugin Free Version. If you would like to upgrade to the Pro Version for your site you can for an extra $49 a year. You can read about the added features in the Pro Version here.

I also use the Hello Theme from Elementor, which is also free.

I install the following free plugins:

Yes I can. Please provide the install files if you have them, or a link where I can download them. I will also need the activation details like the license key.

For an extra fee I can write content and find royalty-free pictures you can use. You can also find royalty-free pictures on Pexels and Unsplash. Or you can purchase stock photos from iStock.

Website Technical Support

Website technical support is not part of the website creation packages. Before I deliver the final version to you I make sure the website is functioning properly.

Then you will review the finished website and make sure everything is working properly. You get a number of revisions based on package you chose.

If you would like additional technical support after that point you can purchase it for an hourly fee.

Technical support can fall into the following categories (not a full list):

  • Your website displays an error
  • You forgot your WordPress administrator password
  • You want a specific website update done
  • The WordPress database is corrupt or has some other issue

Yes I can! I will need administrator access, however. So if you don’t have that you will have to get that from the previous developer.

Website hosting issues should be resolved by your website hosting technical support.

If you have trouble understanding their technical support you can hire me to assist.

Website Hosting

I have blog posts that explain the different types of website hosting. In most cases I recommend Shared Hosting with cPanel to my customers because it fits their needs and budget.

You want to purchase a package that allows WordPress installation. Most companies have plans just for WordPress at reasonable prices.

If the company offers WordPress installation on their servers then yes. To determine that the hosting plans should allow the ability to use PHP 7.4 or greater. WordPress is written in PHP and needs that code available to run.

WordPress also needs a database to save and retrieve data. The hosting company should offer either MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB version 10.3 or greater.

There are free web hosting companies out there but I discourage my customers from using them. Mostly because the limitations they will run into. Thus, I will not create a site if you’re going to use free web hosting.

You can purchase hosting from wordpress.com. I think their plans are a little pricey for the features you get when compared to other hosting companies, however.

I suggest searching with a domain registrar to see if the domain name you want to use is available for purchase. I recommend Namecheap as a domain registrar and hosting company because of their reasonable costs and superb customer service.