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Employers Are Not Your Friends

employers are not your friends

Today I want to discuss some harsh career advice: Employers are not your friends. Oh, I know employers will tell their employees they are like family and will look out for them but that’s not true. Let’s review why.

Employers Are Not Your Friends Because They Pay You

Employees trade their time for money from employers. It doesn’t matter if that employment is Software Engineering or Carpentry. You must clock in at a certain time to do your work and you can clock out later when your day is done. As a result of this, you get a steady paycheck.

Because your employers pays you to work, you must do as told. A friend won’t pay you to hang out with him or her. And a friend won’t make you hang out with him or her between specific times on specific days. Friends like you for you, not that you make money for him or her. Hence, employers are not your friends.

Employers Are Not Your Friends Because They Look Out For The Bottom Line

Companies make money but they also have expenses. And one of the biggest expenses is you, the employee.

Payroll is usually one of the biggest, if not the biggest, expense for an employer. They not only pay the employees’ salaries, but also provide health insurance and other perks like retirement. And companies must pay their employees on time even if revenue comes in. That’s the law.

Now employers are always looking to cut expenses. One of the easiest ways is by firing employees or doing layoffs. Thus, if you’re an unproductive employee, or if you harm your employer’s reputation, or if you hold the “wrong opinions” which makes the company look bad then you’re out. I’ve seen it personally.

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