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Employees Developing A Business Mindset

employees developing a business mindset

Even though I am an employee at a company, I run myself as a business owner. Why? Because I am. I entered into an agreement with another business to exchange my labor and skill-set for a bi-weekly payment. This agreement can and will change over time. In today’s article, I’m explain how employees developing a business mindset is crucial for career advancement.

Reviewing Your “Books” Weekly Assists Employees Developing A Business Mindset

A regular business owner will review their “books” or income and expenses for their business, either daily or weekly. This is to verify the business is performing well and making a profit. If not, then the business owner can investigate why and improve their business.

As an employee, I review my “books” weekly by viewing my work productivity. I check the number of tickets I closed, the status / progress of my projects, and whatever else I completed at work that week. This way I know if I’m doing well in my tasks or if I need to ask for assistance from others.

Finally, this method is great when it comes to discussing my performance with my manager. Speaking of that….

Renegotiating Your Agreement Aids Employees Developing A Business Mindset

Every business renegotiates their agreements with their suppliers and clients periodically. During this time, the business owner tries to raise their prices or save on expenses. Sometimes they are successful, but other times they aren’t.

When it comes to my performance review, that’s when I come prepared to discuss a raise and/or a promotion with my manager. I how him or her what I’ve completed during the year, and how I helped the team improve as a whole.

Just like a business owner, I may get the new agreement I want, increasing my pay or providing me with new work duties. Or I may not get anything at all. Yet, if I don’t ask, the answer will always be no.


I believe employees developing a business mindset is a must in today’s society because it gives us the confidence and power to get what we deserve from our employers. Finally, this mindset instills within us an entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe one day we will become an actual business owner.

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