This page features my ebooks. You can download my short stories from my website for free or read them on Wattpad. I sell my non-free books (like novels, novella, guides, etc.) on Amazon.

FYI: If you are looking for physical copies of my books I currently do not have any available. Maybe one day I will.

My Available Ebooks

Each link takes you to the page dedicated to each of my works. As a result, I give a short description about the book, my inspiration for writing it, and links to download/buy the book.


Liberal Arts In Technology: A How-To Guide on Utilizing Your Liberal Arts Degree in the Technology Industry

Make Your “Future-Self” Successful By Making The Proper Decisions Today!


The First War

Short Stories

Friday, Payday

Phantom Visions

The Work Commute

I Don’t Want To Die

You Don’t Want To Be Me

I’m In Love!

More Information About My Books

You can download the ebooks available on my website as many times as you like! I do not include Digital Rights Management (DRM) on these copies. This way you do not have to worry about installing any additional software. And this makes sharing my work easier with family or friends, of if you have multiple devices.

While some writers worry about people stealing their work, which is why they enable DRM, I don’t. Someone stealing my work and passing it as their own is rare. Second, I employ copyright protection, which help dissuade people from copying. Finally, DRM can hurt more than it helps.

As for the format, I only offer the EPUB format since it is the most compatible format for many electronic devices (e-readers, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

I know the Kindle is the most popular e-reader on the market, with 53% of the market share, but I don’t want to spend more time making MOBI files. If you want to read my short stories on your Kindle, you can convert the ebooks using the instructions in this website.