This page features my ebooks. You can read parts of my short stories for free on Wattpad. I sell my books on Amazon and on Gumroad.

FYI: If you are looking for physical copies of my books I currently do not have any available. Maybe one day I will. Creating a physical book takes more time due to the format and having to make sure the document is formatted properly. After going through both processes, I prefer ebook distribution because of its simplicity.

My Available Ebooks

Each link takes you to the page dedicated to each of my works which provides a short description of the book, my inspiration for writing it, and links to buy the book.


Liberal Arts In Technology: A How-To Guide on Utilizing Your Liberal Arts Degree in the Technology Industry

Make Your “Future-Self” Successful By Making The Proper Decisions Today!


The First War

Short Stories

Seven Short Stories

More Information About My Books

I sell my ebooks on Amazon because it has the largest market for ebooks. I know about distributors like Smashwords, and I’ve used them before, but my books didn’t sell there, although my free short stories did well on that platform. So I decided to pull all of my content from there.

Recently, I chose Gumroad to sell some of my books, mostly my guides, because that platform is more suited to products in the self-help/how-to guides. While Amazon has those categories too, I feel my guides can be found easier through a site like Gumroad which is dedicated to helping independent creators find and build an audience.

What Am I Currently Working On?

I am currently re-writing a novel I self-published over 10 years ago: The Fall and Damnation of Curtis Callow. I’ve been working on it for the past couple of months and hope to re-publish it some time in May 2021. Stay tune!