Eating Whole Foods To Improve Your Health

eating whole foods to improve your health

For over a year now I’ve watched grocery haul videos on YouTube. Basically you’re watching people showing off their foodstuffs they procured from a grocery store. Why is this popular? I don’t know. Why do I like watching them? I’m nosy. Also, it’s interesting to see what other people buy. From what I’ve seen many Americans love to buy processed foods and/or snack foods while buying supplements to be “healthy.” That’s a little backwards in my opinion. Eating whole foods to improve your health is the right path. I will explain why, and how you can eat like this without breaking your budget.

What Are Whole Foods?

I’m not talking about the grocery store although I do enjoy going to Whole Foods Market periodically. When I say “whole foods” I mean raw and unprocessed foodstuffs like meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, or nuts. Thus, you have to prepared or cook these foods to your liking. Or you can eat them in their unprocessed state, like raw nuts, vegetables, or fruit.

Why Eating Processed Foods Isn’t The Right Move

While buying processed meals, meats, vegetables, fruits, or snacks is a time-saver and provides food when we’re out and about, the ingredients in these foods are usually not the best.

Too many of these contain elevated amounts of vegetable and seed oils (which cause inflammation in our bodies), high levels of sugar (which destroys good gut bacteria), and insane amounts of sodium (which increases our blood pressure). Eating processed food often slowly decreases our health, leading to problems likes obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, just to name a few. And, unfortunately, this type of food makes up the majority of the average American’s diet.

This study from 2017 states Americans eat about 1200 calories a day of ultra-processed foods, and about 630 calories of unprocessed/minimally processed food. Why is that? Because these foods are 1) inexpensive and 2) formulated to be highly-palatable and cause us to crave them. That’s why the Lay’s potato chip motto is “betcha can’t eat just one.” Most people, including myself, can’t.

Why Eating Whole Foods To Improve Your Health The Right Move

Eating whole foods to improve your health is the right move because you get to control the following:

  • Ingredients used
  • Cooking methods
  • The type of whole food (such as organic, raw dairy, etc.)

This is how I improved my health. Not only did I lose over 80 pounds by eating whole foods, but I improved my blood sugar, blood pressure, and overall health.

Yes, I know going this route takes more time and energy. Not only do you have to cook your food but you have to keep it from spoiling. Many people aren’t used to that since the amount of preservatives in processed food stops spoilage. Finally, I know this method can be more expensive but here’s how you can afford it.

How To Afford Eating Whole Foods To Improve Your Health

Here’s how you can afford eating whole foods to improve your health without breaking your budget: Shop the sales!

Every grocery store has some type of sale. Even the big-box stores that sell groceries like Walmart and Target have sales. So you buy the meat, veggies, fruits, and other whole foods that are on sale. From there, create a meal plan around those foods, or look up simple recipes using those ingredients. Finally, if there is a great deal on a particular item, buy as much as your budget allows and freeze the rest. This is particular true with meat and I do this all the time. I’ve even frozen veggies and fruits without much issue.

Next, invest in good spices. I say “good” because some of the cheap spices you see in the store are adulterated with sugar, salt, or other fillers. Most of the time I use only a high-quality salt and pepper on my foods but you probably won’t be as spartan like me. If you don’t have access to a store selling good spices in bulk then get organic spices. Although these will be more expensive you won’t have to use as much to flavor your food. Thus, they will last longer.

Finally, eat foods you like. And don’t buy a particular food if you don’t know how it tastes. If you want to try a new food buy the small package possible. That way if you don’t like it then you won’t waste a bunch of it.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

Well done for sending out more wise words to keep people’s lives healthy. These are the little things we tend to forget over time. I am guilty of eating too much processed food, especially snacks. I will try to mix in some veggies and dip at TV time.