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Easy Meal Plan: Eating The Same Food Everyday

easy meal plan

If you didn’t know already food prices across America are rising which is straining the already-tight budgets of many Americans. To combat this, it’s important for everyone to implement an easy meal plan. One I found which works for me is to eat the same food everyday. I explain why this works and how you can keep from getting bored of eating the same food everyday.

Here’s Why Eating The Same Food Everyday Is An Easy Meal Plan

One, it’s simple to enforce. You determine what food you want to eat for a particular time of day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Then you buy enough of those ingredients to make said food.

Two, it saves money. An easy meal plan like this requires you to buy a set number of ingredients meaning you can buy it in bulk. Or if the ingredients are on sale then you can buy a large amount and store it for later.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat for a particular meal each day. This saves time as you don’t have to argue with yourself or with a spouse about what’s for dinner.

How To Make This Easy Meal Plan

There’s three ways you can make this easy meal plan:

  • Check the grocery store circulars to see what’s on sale that week.
  • Use the ingredients in your pantry and/or fridge.
  • Combine options 1 and 2.

I usually end up using the third option as I like to see what’s on sale at the grocery store to replace what I use from my pantry. Especially if the store has a great deal on meat or a foodstuff that’s easy to store. This way you can eat a specific meal later if the ingredients aren’t on sale.

Now you can cook all the food at once and separate it into containers, or you can cook the food throughout the week. It all depends on your schedule. Some people are busy throughout the week so they rather cook up their meals on a specific day and portion it out to grab and go. Others like a “fresh” meal everyday so they cook just enough to eat.

Here’s How I Don’t Get Bored Eating The Same Food

When I tell people about this meal plan and how it works for me they usually ask how do I keep myself from getting bored of eating the same food. Frankly, I don’t get this question because billions of people eat the same food, probably the same meal, everyday. It’s a privilege to have the choice to eat daily but to choose what to eat depending on your mood at the time. Yet, some people want variety in their easy meal plan so here’s how.

Eat the same food for a set number of days then switch over to another. You don’t have to eat the same food for the entire week. I do this occasionally, usually because I miscalculated how much food I would eat and run out earlier than expected.

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