Don’t Thank Me For Doing My Job


Don’t thank me for doing my job. I’m not working for “thank yous” or kudos or praise from management. I want to do my daily tasks without too much interruption within my defined shift so I can go home and do what I’m passionate about.

Why You Don’t Need To Thank Me

You thank a person who holds open the door open for you, or picks up something you dropped. Not when an employee does what they’re suppose to do.

As you can already tell, I’m going to be frank in this post. You see, I’m not doing my job out of the goodness of my heart; I do it for a paycheck. Just like billions of people on this planet. When my workplace tells us this is a great place to work, I nod and smile. Internally, I don’t care. Is the company making money? Are the executives moving the company in the right direction? That’s what I really care about, as that affects my paycheck.

Finally, don’t thank me for doing my job because this is the agreement I made with my employer: Exchange my time for money.

If You Expect A Thank You, Prepare For Disappointment

My family taught me if you do something expecting thanks then you will be disappointed. Why? Many people don’t thank others. Due to rudeness or ignorance. Hence, this upsets you and you probably won’t help others in the future.

We all do things in life for the improvement of yourself or others. Sometimes those actions are invisible, thus no one can give out kudos. Finally, some tasks are thankless. Yet, we do them without fail.

Doing Tasks For All the Wrong Reasons

I work with individuals who jump at projects or tasks with high visibility. Meaning a high-level boss is going to see the results. Now these people do outstanding jobs, but they do so because they want some type of thanks. Be it through a promotion or praise or an award.

This doesn’t mean I dislike their actions, but I find them disingenuous. Because some of these individuals don’t want to do the mundane duties which must be done every day. In the end, they want the glory but shun the grunt work.

However, this plan can backfire. I’ve seen it when a coworker does a job and wait smugly for praise and nothing comes. And for the rest of the day (at least), that individual sulks and complains. Again, he or she wasn’t prepared for disappointment.

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