Developing Contentment Through Life’s Truths

developing contentment through life's truths

Life is unfair. That harsh truth about life is one we’re taught as children. It’s also a phrase one says in reply when someone complains about their problems. While many people stress over these harsh truths, they also know they can’t control many of them. Yet, there is a calmness in knowing life is unfair and there’s not much we can do about it. In today’s post I discuss developing contentment through life’s truths.

Developing Contentment Through Life’s Truths By Understanding You Can’t Right All Wrongs

As you know right now, America has been through weeks of protests and riots. Some point to police brutality as the cause, while others point out many Americans have been cooped up in their homes for weeks or months and are angry. There are multiple reasons behind the protests and riots, and I can understand the people’s frustration. However, I do not share in that anger. It’s because I understand I can’t right all the wrongs.

Too many people concern themselves with things they have no control over nor can fix. Because of that these people suffer great anxiety and depression. That’s not the way to live.

Now I’m not saying people shouldn’t try to improve their situation or even society. However, focus on what you can change. You must understand that you cannot change others that do not want to be changed. Those people could be in poverty or part of the ruling class.

For me, I go through life without worrying about others. Although I do care for my fellow Man and Woman, I can’t sacrifice myself for others. I have a family to help, and I know those individuals are willing to change. At work, I do my duties to the best of my ability. There are some things at work I can’t change but I don’t worry about that because it’s not my company. Because I have this stance about life, I don’t stress out.

What Are Some Of These Harsh Life’s Truths?

I came up with three life’s truth that some people do not want to accept:

  • The American Dream isn’t attainable by most
  • The government doesn’t care about the populace
  • You can only depends on a few people in your life (be it family and/or friends)

For the first point, the American Dream of attaining a house, car, stable job, and the ability to raise children is not attainable for most Americans. Housing prices are overpriced in many areas of the country causing many to either overpay for a house or not buy one at all. While buying a car is easy, the average car payment in America during the first quarter of 2020 is $569! Stable jobs are a thing of the past. The average tenure on a job is 4.2 years. Finally, raising children is getting more difficult as daycare costs as much as college tuition, and parents agonize over how to provide for their kids.

Next, the government doesn’t care about its populace. We can see that by how the politicians will not enact laws that will improve society as a whole. America still does not have national healthcare or a national sick-leave policy. Yes, we have lower taxes but we are taxed for nearly everything we do. And it appears that’s what the government really cares about: Getting our tax money. When we have a problem or want to change the laws, then the government doesn’t want to hear from us.

Finally, we can only depends on a few people in our lives. If you’re lucky, you have family members willing to help you, along with some friends. While there are a few strangers who will stop and help you in your time of need, many will not. My family taught me when I was younger that there will come a time when even your family won’t be there to help you. The only person you can rely on fully is God.

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