Developing Contentment Through Doing Nothing

developing contentment through doing nothing

Too many people are so busy nowadays they never give themselves a chance to relax. Oh, people have the opportunity to, however they decide to devote that time to another endeavor. Maybe they work late at work, or attend a party. So how can those people, even you, unwind? By developing contentment through doing nothing.

Taking A Lesson From Peter Gibbons

I love the movie Office Space because, like many people, I’ve worked in soul-sucking office jobs. Out of all the characters in the movie I like Peter Gibbons the best because we share many of the same sentiments. The biggest one we share is our love of doing nothing:

While I enjoy working, I equally enjoy doing nothing. Having the time to work on my business is great, but so is sitting on the couch and watching YouTube videos.

Before I end this section, let me include another of my favorite lines from Peter:

Developing Contentment Through Doing Nothing Is Fine

I write this post to tell everyone that doing nothing is fine. There is a mindset that people must be doing something always. So if you’re not at work then you should be doing a chore or outside living life.

This constant activity doesn’t give your mind or body the time to rest. That’s why developing contentment through doing nothing is fine. It’s fine to lay on your couch and watch TV for an hour. Lounging around home talking to a family member or a friend is good too. Finally, if you want to spend some time playing video games or reading, there’s no problem doing that either.

For me, I take a portion of my days off to do nothing. I usually spend a good portion of my days off working on my side-business (writing and my blogs) and creating a new business. While that’s good, I know that all work and no relaxation will hurt me in the long run. So I allow myself time to lounge around and do nothing. Because of that I feel refreshed when it’s time to go back to work.

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