Developing Contentment Through Avoidance

developing contentment through avoidance

I discovered long ago avoiding watching or reading about certain topics brought me peace. At first I felt bad about my lack of updates about world developments. I would have to tell those who asked me that I had no idea what they talked about. Yet, I soon saw those individuals were stressed out while I was calm. So in today’s article I will discuss a few ways of developing contentment through avoidance.

What Do I Mean By Avoidance?

Per Merriam-Webster dictionary:

An act or practice of avoiding or withdrawing from something

For me, avoidance is not a bad thing or a negative trait. There are some topics or some situations I withdraw from because it will harm my life and/or well-being. So I ignore them by focusing my senses on other positive or uplifting matters.

Ignoring The News Helps Developing Contentment Through Avoidance

Frankly, the news is depressing these days. Even the local news. Yes, it’s good to be an informed citizen, but at the cost of your mental well-being?

I don’t watch the news except in the morning to check on the traffic and the weather before heading to work. While I’m watching for that part of the broadcast I hear about the shooting the night before or an armed robbery or some other crime. As of a result of this, I stop and think about how bad life seems to be. Even though I know that life isn’t all that bad.

So now I do my best to only watch the news when the traffic report or the weather forecast shows. My local news plays those at specific minutes during the morning.

If you find yourself watching the news constantly, be it local and/or the cable news stations, turn off the TV, delete their apps, and stop checking their websites. These stations and channels want to keep you glued to their reports so they can sell more advertising and increase their viewership. In effect you become addicted to their fear porn. You will believe wholeheartedly that life is bad, that all people are dangerous, and no one is hear to help you. Although bad things do happen to us, overall life now is much better than years prior. Don’t let the news tell you any different.

Removing Negative People Helps Developing Contentment Through Avoidance

We all have negative people in our lives. Some are family members while others are friends or coworkers. While it’s hard to make the move to withdraw yourself from these people, developing contentment through avoidance depends on it.

I can tell you from personal experience that I didn’t like removing unfavorable people from my life. Because I thought my cheerful attitude could help them, I stuck around. Yet, I discovered my actions and beliefs wouldn’t transfer over to them. I even wrote about those people. Some people truly want to stay in a pessimistic state.

So you’re in this position, you will have to remove yourself from those individuals if they won’t change. Because their worry, stress, and ill-will transfers onto you. I don’t truly understand why the negative seem to overtake positive people. Maybe their defenses weaken so much the negative thoughts take hold. All I know is if you want peace in your life, avoid negative people.

Is This Type Of Evasion Worth It?

In battle you cannot always charge toward the enemy. Sometimes it’s best to run away. You only know after doing your reconnaissance.

Life is a battle, and, unfortunately, there are enemies. Some you can tell right as you see them while others take additional investigation. Yes, there are times when confronting the enemy is good, like standing up to a bully. Yet, there are times when running away is the best move, like leaving an abusive relationship.

I know some people think running away is the weak move, but many good people met an early demise by charging at their enemy. For me, I don’t like to fight, and I don’t like confrontation, so I do my best to prevent it. When I can’t prevent it, I stay quiet and speak only when needed. And when I can, I evade it. Living this way allows me to keep my peace along with my life.

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