Dealing With Negative People

dealing with negative people

This being the third week in January, many people are making resolutions to improve their lives. Let’s work on protecting your your mental and emotional health when dealing with negative people.

It’s tiresome as they are energy suckers. In addition, they are practically everywhere! Negative people are at work, at the grocery store and even in your family. I wouldn’t have a problem with these people because they have the right to have a sucky attitude, but negative people enjoy being so. It’s weird yet sad. But I have tips you can use so you don’t stress yourself out when you have to deal with them.

Dealing With Negative People: Keep Your Distance

I truly believe negativity is contagious so you should keep your distance from negative people. But that’s wishful thinking as you will have to be in close quarters with them at times. But you can still keep your distance to a point.

What I do is don’t hang around those people unless I’m forced to. Sometimes I have to attend a mandatory work event or visit certain family members, and I have to prepare myself mentally for the one of two unsavory individuals I have to interact with. Instead of becoming sour or encasing myself in a bad attitude, I’m pleasant to them. I smile and even do small talk, but I don’t go out my way to hang out with them. Even if I’m invited to parties or family gatherings by negative people, I politely decline.

I do the same when I have to assist coworkers on projects. We need to help each other to get work done, and nothing else. I’m still pleasant during this time, even if my partner isn’t. I do so to keep their negativity from infecting me. It’s true that misery loves company. But I’m very particular about the company I keep.

In addition, I’ll take breaks to either go outside and take a walk, or go to the break room. This allows me to get away from their negative energy. Finally, I keep all my contact with coworkers confined to work. I have nothing against those who go out for drinks with their coworkers, or visit each other places during the weekend, but I need my personal time.

Dealing With Negative People: Don’t Try To Help Them

I learned after many failed attempts you can’t help negative people because they really love their negativity. At first I didn’t understand why, because I know when I act like a jerk I feel shame. But then I learned why these people love their negative energy.

Negative people are usually alone, or hang out with other negative people. So, in a way, their negativity is a comfort blanket. It surrounds them and protects them. Now they wouldn’t need this protection if they changed their attitude, but that’s unknown territory for them. The risk is just too great.

Now if you’re one of the people trying to help negative people change their way, I suggest you stop. A person will only change if he/she sees the need to change.

Stay Strong In Their Presence

Negative people are usually bullies, and they enjoy pushing people around. Again, misery loves company.

When you’re around them, don’t show weakness as you need to stay strong! I emit an aura of “Don’t mess with me.” This aura came to be after years of building confidence. In my opinion, this attitude dissuades negative people from trying you, as they don’t want to “fight” a stronger person. If you’re lacking confidence, watch some YouTube videos about how to start building it.

If a negative person accosts you, don’t transform into a bully to fight back. That won’t solve anything, as you need to defend yourself correctly. Calmly explain yourself and your position. And be forceful when needed. Finally, don’t get bogged down in the details.

Finally, keep your defense short. Negative people love long arguments so don’t feed into that. Say your piece and shut the conversation down! If needed, walk away and ignore them.

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