Creating Paperback Versions Of My Ebooks

creating paperback versions of my ebooks

After some lengthy back and forth on my end I’m creating paperback versions of my ebooks. Today I want to discuss why I finally made this decision and describe the tedious process.

Why I’m Creating Paperback Versions Of My Ebooks

The first reason I’m creating paperback version of my ebooks is because it’s my preferred reading method. While I do own a few ebooks, about 6 or 7, I own way more paperbacks. So it’s only right that I offered this option to readers because they may be like me. I don’t dislike ebooks but I enjoy holding a paperback book, the action of flipping pages, and the smell of a book.

The final reason is sorta related to the first as I want to provide multiple versions of my books to attract potential readers. A reader may only read paperback books so if they want to read one of my pieces they don’t have that option. So I need to give the customer what they want.

The Process Of Creating Paperback Versions Of My Ebooks

I sell my ebooks on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). That company bought out CreateSpace, a company I used back in the day to create paperback books, and you have to use their service to create paperback copies on-demand. This is great because I don’t have to order a bunch of copies, which involves a significant sum of money, and sell them to readers.

KDP makes it simple to format your text for paperback by providing various templates. Books comes in different sizes, called trims, and the most popular size is 6 x 9 inches (or 15.24 x 22.86 centimeters for my metric readers) for fiction. However, you can choose what size you want. The template is is a docx format and you can copy and paste your text into it. Now I made this all sound easy, and it is, but it’s very tedious.

Formatting ebooks is simple because the software and/or the ebook device does all the heavy lifting. It tailors the font size and the flow of the words on the screen to name a couple. All you have to do as the author is make sure the spacing is correct and creating the chapter headings so readers can navigate easily.

A paperback book is static so I have to apply the right settings to format the text on the paper. And I have to apply headers to each page along with verify the correct text styles are used, like italics or bold. Sometimes the template can remove your text styles and you have to correct it.

My Ebooks Currently Available In Paperback

Currently, the only ebook available in paperback right now is The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow. I’m working to convert the fiction ebooks into paperback version. Maybe I’ll have all of them done by the end of this month.

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My Books Available On Amazon

The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow
Seven Short Stories
The First War
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