Consequences Of Our Decisions

consequences of our decisions

Recently I had a family member die from cancer. Unfortunately, my side of the family only learned about the deceased family member’s cancer diagnosis about 3 months ago. By the time we were told that family member had/battled cancer for at least the past 4 years. Why did she hide it? I don’t know. Frankly, it doesn’t matter now. What I want to discuss today is how the consequences of our decisions affect not only the individual’s life but everyone surrounding him or her.

My Thoughts About The Consequences Of Our Decisions

I’ve been thinking for the past year about the choices we all make in life. And how those choices affect our present and future. It’s the reason why I write about Present Brittany and Future Brittany in specific posts.

As I get older I think more and more about putting Future Brittany in a good position. I don’t wan’t to harm myself just so I feel good today. It’s the reason why I made the sacrifices to lose weight and get out of debt. And it worked! Yes, it was hard but anything worth doing in life is difficult.

I talk to many people. Actually, I listen more than I talk. I believe God called me to be an objective party to those needing someone to talk to. So I listen to their issues. From pouring over those conversation the consequences of our decisions caused problems. Yet, people don’t see that.

One instance I listened to a guy complaining about child support. Later, he tells me he cheated on his ex-wife which led to her putting him on child support to get back at him (because he couldn’t afford it).

Another instance I listened to a woman lamenting how people don’t take her seriously, yet she allows them to do whatever they want because she desperately wants to be liked.

These two examples are real and there wasn’t anything I could do or say to make those people see how their choices negatively affect their lives.

How Does This Relate To My Deceased Family Member?

My deceased family member made a series of bad decisions which ultimately led to her death. I truly believe it was a combination of fear and denial that caused her to hide her sickness from many in the family. Maybe we could’ve persuaded her to get treatment.

I visited her in mid-August. Upon seeing her condition, I instantly thought she was going to die. Yet, I push that thought away. I wanted to be positive. However, my first impression was correct. It usually is.

I’m taking this death and using it to propel me to make the best decisions in my life. I know in the future I will have some type of obstacle to push through. When it comes I won’t hide it from my loved ones. That way if I need the help I will have it.

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Naomi Lane
7 months ago

This was inspiring Brittany, I also will never understand why some people avoid medical treatment that is offered to them. I guess some people don’t trust medical science. Personally I would take everything I could get. I’m sorry for your loss. 
Have a great day, Naomi Lane in Vancouver

7 months ago

[…] recently wrote about the recent death of one of my family members. This got me thinking: We’re all going to die so what am I going to do now? Will I continue […]