Charcoal Grilling: The Only Way To Grill

charcoal grilling

Today I want to express my love for charcoal grilling. To me, this is the only way to grill and it imparts such a fantastic yet unique taste to food.

dumping charcoal into a grill

Why I Love Charcoal Grilling

Unlike cooking in the house, there’s preparation that goes into charcoal grilling.

When I go to grill I prepare for it a few days prior by preparing my meat. Either I’m taking meat from the freeze to defrost in the fridge, or I finding the cut of meat I want to buy from the store.

Then comes the day when it’s time to grill. I’m excited and I’m ready to get started. I take the cover off of my 22-inch Weber kettle grill, take the top rack off, insert the chimney onto the bottom rack, and proceed to fill it with briquets. Finally, I pop a firestarter underneath the chimney and light it.

I sit and watch as the smoke lazily snakes up into the sky as the fire builds up. Eventually, the smoke billows and the familiar smell fills the air. To say I love that smell is an understatement.

The briquets take about 15 to 20 minutes to turn grey and unleash the heat inside. That’s when I dump the chimney out onto the bottom rack, replace the rack, and replace the lid. As the heat builds up inside it unleashes the aroma of previous grillings. My mouth waters.

Finally, it’s time to place the meat on the grill. I feel the intense heat and know I’m gonna get a great sear. I hear the sizzle as I gently place the meat on the rack and nod. Finished, I now must sit and wait which can be hard to do with the delicious aroma around me.

a burning charcoal chimney

The Distinctive Taste Imparted By Charcoal Grilling

When I bite into the food I cooked using charcoal grilling, usually meat, there’s a distinctive taste in it. It’s one not reproduced by gas grills. I know this because I’ve eaten food grill on it.

Charcoal not only imparts smokiness but adds unique texture to the food. Maybe it’s the char or the intense heat but it’s completely different when I pan-fry or bake.

Finally, the scent of the briquets and the fire lingers in the food even after refrigeration. When I heat it up the next day, the smell takes me back to the time I spent grilling. Thus, I get to relive the happiness of that time, be it standing in the sun, seeing the cloudy sky, or enjoying the breeze.

Yes, I am that person who grills any time of the year, no matter the season. Doesn’t matter is the temperature outside is 20 or 100 degrees, I’m grilling!

ribs on a charcoal grill

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