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changing jobs

After millions of Americans either lost their jobs or had to take a long furlough, many thought they would get those jobs back after the shelter-in-place orders expired. As March winds became April showers, a growing number of those unemployed Americans saw the possibility they would not get their old jobs back. In fact, some industries teetered on bankruptcy, like movie theaters. So what did this tell us? Changing jobs is a must for survival, even if someone doesn’t want to.

Why Changing Jobs Is Hard For Many

As American jobless claims topped nearly 7 million, many companies were hiring: Amazon, Wal-Mart, and grocery stores to name a few. However, unemployed hospitality workers or those from the service industry didn’t flock to those open positions immediately.

Why? Because changing jobs means you have to do the following:

  • Work with new people
  • Have a different work schedule
  • Learn how the new employer works

I know these reasons seem to be silly or may be insufficient to keep a person from taking on new employment when he or she has no money coming in, but these are true reasons.

Some people like who they work with and worry about hating their new coworkers. Others have a specific schedule they need to work around due to childcare or schooling, and their previous job accommodated that. Their new employer may not. Finally, there are individuals who like how they perform their tasks at their previous job and do not, or cannot, want to learn how a new employer works.

When Is Changing Jobs A Must?

A person must take any job he or she can get when there isn’t any money coming into their household, and their savings are basically gone. I’ve been there myself, and took on a bill collector job. It helped pay my bills.

Now, I don’t mean people should do illegal or immoral things for money. However, if you love restaurant work but you can’t get a job there because many are closed, then pivoting to work at Amazon or Wal-Mart is the right option. I’ve even told people I knew who needed jobs after losing theirs during the pandemic about those openings.

How To Go About Changing Jobs

Since unemployed Americans are getting an enhanced version of unemployment for four months during the time of this post’s publication, they have the time to go about changing jobs.

One way to do so is to learn a new skill-set. There are many industries which will always need workers:

  • The Trades (constructions, electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Technology (software engineers, system administrators, network engineers, etc.)
  • Logistics / Trucking Industry

There are various ways to learn a new skill-set, like attending school online, teaching oneself, or taking on an apprenticeship program with an employer.

Another way to get a new job is to stay within the same industry but gain additional skills for a higher position. A person can try for an assistant manager or manager position, or switch from a floor position to an office position.


Americans learned a harsh lesson during the Coronavirus pandemic: They are in charge of their employment, not their employers.

Because of this, all Americans should be improving themselves and their skill-sets throughout every year. Yes, I know this is hard to accomplish because most have a family and other responsibilities. However, it’s best to have options available besides getting unemployment if one loses his or her job.

Finally, Americans cannot be so beholden to an employer or industry because there will come a time when you will leave: Either by your own action, or an action by someone or some thing.

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