You Need A SSL Certificate For Your Entire Website

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I spend a good amount of time on the Internet doing research and I come across websites owned by major companies to sole individuals. I usually discover one or two that do not employ SSL certificates for their entire website daily. Many only secure their sign-in pages and/or their cart/checkout page. Although that is fine, […]

How To Secure Your WordPress Website

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When building your website you must have security in mind. Yes, I know your concerns revolve about the performance of your site and how sharp it looks, but security is more important. Especially when you build a WordPress website. It’s 43% of all the websites in the world use WordPress so it’s a huge target […]

Using Images Effectively On Your Website

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Images are extremely important to your website. Not only do they break up blocks of text but they also convey a message or emotion that words cannot. However, using images effectively on your website can be troublesome, especially if you don’t have an understanding about licensing or file types or sizes. Don’t fret! I’m here […]