my journey with kombucha

My Journey With Kombucha

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My journey with kombucha started about two years ago. I bought my first bottle from the store, I can’t remember which one but most likely either Whole Foods or Sprouts, because I was heavy into reading Bon Appetit then. I had a free subscription to the magazines thanks to a Google promotion and tried the […]

to the prepper community

To The Prepper Community

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An Open Letter To The Prepper Community To the prepper community, I like y’all. You taught me how to prepare myself for different types of emergencies. How to create an long-term pantry. Different bread recipes. And how to make a go bag. Yet, lately, you’re getting on my nerves and I’m about to leave the […]

water preparedness for beginners

Water Preparedness For Beginners

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Last week I discussed food preparedness for beginners so individuals could create an emergency food pantry. Now it’s time to cover water preparedness for beginners so you can be fully prepared for any emergency. Storing water can be a bit tricky but there are three main ways you can keep and/or use water when you […]