Carnivore Diet Update (3 Months Later)

carnivore diet update

Earlier this year, I spent an entire week on the Carnivore Diet, eating various types of meats and seafood and drinking only water. For a detailed explanation about the diet see this article. Basically, it eschews grains, fruits, vegetables, sugar, and nuts or seeds and promotes meat and seafood. So I’ve eaten this, although not strictly, for the past three months, and it’s time for a carnivore diet update.

Carnivore Diet Update: I Continue To Eat “Mostly” Carnivore

I tell people I follow the Carnivore Diet about 85% of the time. The other portion contains non-meat foods, like berries, nuts, and the occasional treat (Halo Top ice cream or grain-free tortilla chips).

The reason I eat this way because doing “strict” Carnivore doesn’t work well for me. I grew bored eating mostly meat. In addition, there isn’t a medical reason for me to avoid certain fruits like berries or nuts.

So What Is A Typical Week Of Eating Look Like?

I make a meal-plan for the entire week, and prepare most if not all of my food on Sunday. Then I eat the same meal for lunch throughout the week, and a different meal for dinner.

Depending what is on sale or what is in my freezer, I will bake chicken legs, or make ground beef & liver burgers, or take bacon and hard-boiled eggs. I’ll add to that some berries and some nuts. Finally, I drink water (tap and/or sparkling water). This makes eating simple yet tasty and nutritious. I love it!

Carnivore Diet Update: Do I Miss Vegetables?

Nope! I don’t miss eating vegetables at all. I can see a nice platter of roasted broccoli or sweet potatoes, and while it looks good, I feel no temptation or yearning to eat any of it.

Now I do eat vegetables when I eat Siete grain-free tortilla chips. Those are made from cassava root, which is a starchy veggie. However, that is a treat because those chips are kinda pricey.

Health Improvement On The Diet

With my Carnivore Diet update, my digestion has been awesome for these past 3 months!

As a result of eating mostly meat, I don’t get gas anymore (unless I eat one of my treats like ice cream), and I poop easier. I believe both of those problems was due to eating dark green leafy vegetables. Thus, my gut bacteria probably had a hard time digesting those, causing the digestion problems.

Another improvement I’ve seen is more energy. I can walk longer, run longer, and lift heavier weights.

Finally, I eat less on this way of eating. Eating meat fills me up and I stay full for a long time. Hence, I eat only twice a day: Lunch and dinner. Finally, it’s pretty hard to overeat meat since it’s so dense.

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