Can I Be My Own Boss? Yes You Can!

can i be my own boss

Many people ask themselves this question when considering self-employment: Can I be my own boss? Yes you can! In this article I will tell you how by describing my journey to self-employment.

My Background

I’m currently an employee working at a data center doing server hardware troubleshooting and repair. While the pay is good and so are benefits, my passion lies with writing, doing website creation, and I’m currently designing a t-shirt line I will sell online soon. Hence, I’m torn between working for someone else and working for myself full-time. However, I’m going to make that plunge soon. Thus, I’m documenting my journey.

Can I Be My Own Boss, Really? Tell Me How!

Before I get into why you can be you own boss, let me say that working for someone else is not a bad way to work. I believe we should all work for someone else before we start our own business. And hopefully you’ll work for a good company and a bad company so you will see how to run a business well and how to run one into the ground. When you have this experience then you can consider striking out on your own.

So here’s how you can be your own boss: Ask yourself why. Why do you want to work for yourself? If you have trouble with that question, or you don’t know how to answer it, I wrote an article that can help you here.

My answer is this: I want to be my own boss because I want to work on projects I’m passionate about, and help customers solve their problems quickly and efficiently. I can’t do that working for someone else.

Develop Your Plan

Now you know the why and now you must develop your plan. Self-employment is difficult and should not be entered into lightly. So how can you develop your plan?

  • Contact your local Small Business Administration for assistance. They can help you develop a business plan and provide a listing of SCORE members who can mentor you.
  • Research through your city and/or state on how to get a business license or occupational tax certificate.
  • Find a good lawyer and/or tax professional to help you with legal and tax issues.
  • Determine if you can run your business from your home or do you need to rent a commercial property.
  • Run the numbers on how much you need to open your business. Then determine where can you get that funding (savings, taking out a loan, etc.)

These are only a few steps of how to develop your plan. Depending on your business idea or model, you may have an extensive list or a very short one.

For me, my writing business was very easy to setup because it’s all remote and I sell ebooks through distributions. However, my online t-shirt store is more involved because it requires me to collect sales tax and actually get a business license. So I suggest you spend a good amount of time researching and developing your plan before you quit your day job.

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