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This page features my books, available in both paperback and ebook formats, which are for sale on Amazon and Gumroad.

I also write short stories and you can read samples of them by downloading PDF files from the stories’ respective pages.

FYI: Only the fiction books will be in paperback version. All my guides will be available only in ebook format

My Books

Each link takes you to the page dedicated to each of my works which provides a description of the book, my inspiration for writing it, and links to buy the book.


Create A Business Website With WordPress In Nine Steps

Liberal Arts In Technology: A How-To Guide on Utilizing Your Liberal Arts Degree in the Technology Industry

Make Your “Future-Self” Successful By Making The Proper Decisions Today!

Securing Your WordPress Website For Beginners


The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow


The Bishop’s Robe

The First War

Short Stories

Aren’t You Afraid Of Death?

Seven Short Stories

More Information About My Books

I sell my books on Amazon because it has the largest market for books, be it paperbacks or ebooks. And its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service works very well and provides self-published authors like myself not only a large platform to sell my works but an easy way to do so.

Recently, I chose Gumroad to sell my guides because that platform is more suited to products in the self-help/how-to guides. While Amazon has those categories too, I feel my guides can be found easier through a site like Gumroad which is dedicated to helping independent creators find and build an audience.

What Am I Currently Working On?

I am currently writing nothing. Due to selling my house and moving back to my hometown to help out family I haven’t had the motivation to write. And I’m currently working a day-job for some cash (and to have a W2 job so I can buy a new house). Thus, I don’t have as much free time as I did last year. Until I get everything settled I’m taking a break from creative writing. I will continue to write blog posts but I will not write anything else.