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For the entire month of February I’m covering black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month. Today I feature Blue Surge Marketing, who is “a premier, full-service digital marketing, website design, and consulting agency that generates explosive growth and revenue in businesses through creative strategy and optimization.”

What Is Blue Surge Marketing?

Blue Surge Marketing is a marketing agency that provides the following digital services:

  • Digital Marketing: Such as content writing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • Website Design: Obtaining a domain name, creating a Shopify website, website hosting, and more.
  • Graphics & Visuals: Creating logos and video content.
  • Consulting: Helping customer create a marketing strategy along with providing a dedicated account rep.

Godson Michel, President of Blue Surge Marketing, has thorough experience in the digital economy starting from a young age. At 22, Godson dropped out of Physician Assistant school to start an e-commerce empire. From there he grossed $1 million dollars in sales while living in his mother’s basement from selling sneakers.

Godson Michel, the President of Blue Surge Marketing
Godson Michel, President of Blue Surge Marketing

He uses his success to not only run his marketing agency but also as a motivational speaker. Godson shares his story of ingenuity, faith, and determination to inspire audiences of all ages to take action. He is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

The company is upfront with its pricing and what customers can expect during the process, which is nice to see. Many companies will not show their rates, and instead force customers to contact them for a quote. In addition, Blue Surge Marketing will not outsource any of the work to other companies, which is what some companies in this industry do. Finally, the company doesn’t lock in their customers into a lengthy contract, or charge any cancellation fees.

Finally, the company’s website showcases the work they completed for their customers (through their Web Portfolio) along with 35 reviews.

How To Contact Blue Surge Marketing

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